ParaView Hackathon still happening ! Last one was on may 6.

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Kitware organized an online ParaView Hackathon. It was open to anyone, Kitwarean or not, programmer or not.

The objectives of this hackathon were: 

  • Cleaning up all the current warnings or issues on the dashboards.
  • Fixing simple outstanding issues.
  • Implementing simple life-improving features.
  • Performing a pass on the issues to close all the old ones that should be closed.
  • Performing a pass on all open merge requests in order to finish some up and close others.

More than 20 people connected to the hackathon, including 5 people external to Kitware.
During this session, more than 450 issues have been closed for being duplicate, already fixed or expired. 20 merge requests have been merged to add small new features or fix other issues.
Here is a selection of some.
It is now possible to report a bug on gitlab very easily from ParaView ! 
It is now possible to load multiple plugins with a single call in Python. Life improving feature but also critical for performance in some cases.

LoadPlugins("plugin1", "plugin2", ...)
RenderView selection icons are now correctly ordered. Satisfying.
Yet another improvement to ParaView color scheme for better support of dark theme.

You will find more info about the organization here on the following page.

We hope to do more regular ParaView hackathons in the future, stay tuned on ParaView’s Discourse. If you didn’t have the chance to join yet, we hope to see you for the next hackathon.


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