ParaView used in Sandia’s Chelyabinsk Meteor Simulation

December 18, 2013

We would like to congratulate Sandia National Laboratories for their work, which was featured in Nature magazine and on the PBS series Nova!

Sandia’s work simulated the meteor impact that occurred on February 15, 2013, in Chelyabinsk, Russia. ParaView was used to render results from Sandia’s shock physics code, CTH. The ParaView renderings were imported into commercial software to produce the final results featured on the cover of the November 14, 2013, issue of Nature magazine. Animations of the simulation were also included in a supplementary video titled “Risk of massive asteroid strike underestimated.”

Kitware is pleased that ParaView was leveraged by Sandia to visualize results from such a significant simulation. To learn more about Kitware’s Scientific Computing expertise, please contact


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