Sébastien Jourdain

Distinguished Engineer

Scientific Computing

Kitware New Mexico
Santa Fe, NM

10 Years Service at Kitware

M.S. in Engineering
Université de Lorraine, Polytech Nancy

M.S. in Software Engineering
Université de Lorraine

Sebastien Jourdain is a distinguished engineer on Kitware’s Scientific Computing Team located in Sante Fe, New Mexico. He leads and develops Kitware’s scientific web visualization capabilities, enabling customers to create tailored applications with live data processing and visualization in a web context.

Sebastien created and currently maintains Kitware’s web stack for scientific visualization. His latest innovation, trame, empowers the user community to reach their data processing and visualization needs without losing any capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to his technical projects, Sebastien is involved in mentoring new employees who join the Scientific Computing Team. He is also a member of Kitware’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) committee which educates employees on the ESOP and the privileges and responsibilities that come with being an employee-owner.

Prior to joining Kitware, Sebastien worked as lead architect and developer for a small company that developed software to help scientists set up runs and visualize their results on a wide variety of domains, such as space weather, nuclear, ocean science, etc. Before that, Sebastien was a software engineer at LORIA/INRIA in France and helped one of the research teams create and develop collaborative algorithms and platforms.

Sebastien received his master’s degree in engineering from the Université de Lorraine, Polytech Nancy in France. He also received his master’s degree in software engineering from the Université de Lorraine. During this time, he spent one year as an exchange student in Sweden at Linköping University and was enrolled in a combination of computer science and engineering courses.


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