Sébastien Jourdain

Sébastien Jourdain

Principal Engineer

After receiving a Master’s Degree in 2002, Sébastien Jourdain joined a French research laboratory (INRIA-Lorraine) where he spent two years developing a collaborative platform for software process. Sébastien then joined a small French software company specialized in open source scientific computing where he started to work with VTK and its Java wrapping.

In February 2010, Sébastien moved to New York and joined the Kitware team to work on ParaViewWeb and the collaborative aspects of ParaView. Sébastien has since become a lead contributor to VTK and ParaView: adding Web support for ParaView and VTK, improving the Java support for VTK, and enabeling interactive in-situ visualization on the Web. In October 2013, Sébastien relocated to Kitware’s Santa Fe, NM office to help foster collaboration with Kitware’s national lab customers in the area.

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