Titan Informatics Toolkit Update

March 18, 2008

The Titan Informatics Toolkit is an information visualization library which began in 2006 through a contract with Sandia National Labs. The toolkit is deployed as a number of new filters and views in VTK that work with the new graph, tree, and table data types.

Recently, Kitware has refactored the graph data structures to have a new iterator-based interface, as well as created a simpler graph implementation and more useful class hierarchy. Thanks to an adapter to the Boost Graph Library, Kitware has been able to use the rich set of algorithms in the BGL to implement several VTK filters. The upcoming VTK 5.2 release will be the first to contain these new information visualization capabilities.

Currently Kitware is working on distributed graph data structures and algorithms with Sandia National Laboratories and Indiana University and is also creating general-purpose interactive Qt-based charting capabilities.

 The graph of communications among Enron employees with links bundled by the employee type.


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