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For those who wish to know more about the internals of trame, Kitware has released a 2-hour video of an internal developers training course. Along with the video, course slides, exercises, and an internal short cut / cheat sheet document are also provided. This course was originally presented to a group of Kitware developers, and is now available to anyone who wishes to fully leverage trame’s powerful capabilities.

The course describes trame’s architecture; guidance on how to set up a Python virtual environment for trame; various ways to work with internal state, event, ui, and widgets; approaches to working with VTK.js, VTK, and ParaView including VTK’s data processing pipelines and both client-side and server-side rendering; interfaces to the Python and Jupyter ecosystems; and ways to deploy trame as a desktop application or in the cloud.

Please see the trame web site, or this blog post for more information about trame.

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