Tricks and Treats at Kitware

November 7, 2011

With Halloween falling on a Monday, the Kitware team was encouraged to take part and dress up for the office. A handful of Kitwareans got into the spirit and dressed up as some very frightening characters! (They also stopped by the candy bowls in the event trick-or-treating later that evening didn’t go so well). See some of our Kitwareans in costume below.

Patent Trolls, Beware!!

Going batty at Kitware!

Even our CFO got into the spirit dressed as Professor Snape!

It wasn’t all treats though; there was a fair amount of tricking as well. Marcus Hanwell found that out first hand when he returned from traveling – his office had been mysteriously transformed into a TARDIS!

 “Yes, the TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental.”

Thank you to Sebastien Barre for the costume photos and Rob Maynard for the TARDIS photo!


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  1. I think the TARDIS is a treat! Thanks guys, my only concern is that it may not last as long as I would like!

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