Updating the Tomviz Binary Installers

January 6, 2017

The Tomviz installers have been updated over the past few months. The first to be updated was the Drag ‘n Drop Mac OS X (or macOS as they wish to be known now) installer. This was following the instructions from a post about updated support for creating Drag ‘n Drop packages with CMake/CPack. The changes are largely cosmetic to make it clearer what needs to be done, please let us know if you notice any issues with it.

More recently we updated the Windows installer to use WiX installer, and this will become the new default in future releases for Windows. The first installer screen is shown below, and it should be better integrated with the Windows add/remove program logic. You must uninstall the previous version of Tomviz before installing this one to ensure there are no unexpected side effects, although if you forget in my testing the installations were self-contained enough that I didn’t notice any issues.

You can try out the installers by going to our downloads page, and grabbing the appropriate nightly build at the bottom. After looking at download numbers we have discontinued 32 bit Windows builds (as ParaView did recently), Tomviz is designed to work with large volumes we have always recommended a 64 bit operating system.

The Tomviz project is developed as part of a collaboration between Kitware and Cornell University under DOE Office of Science contract DE-SC0011385. This is a community project, and we are very pleased to take input and contributions from all in the community.

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