VTK : Improved Polar Axis

May 4, 2016

We have been reworking a bit the vtkPolarAxis and also vtkAxisActor classes in vtk, and the following have been added into it :

New Feature for vtkAxisFollower
* Offset is now vectoriel

New features for axis actor
* Finer control over size, thickness and placement of “minor” and “major” ticks
* New Exponent label, with it’s own location
* Bug correction for Title visibility
* Title Alignement control
* Log axis
* Better label style and scaling
* Deprecation of CalculateLabelOffset and CalculateTitleOffset, which changes the class default behavior

New features in polar axes actor
* Finer control over each polar exis, radial axis, and secondary axis ( visibility, style, color )
* Finer control over main arc and secondary arcs ( visibility, number, style, color)
* Finer control over ticks and labels (visibility, style, color)

A (small) example of what could be achieved with it :




This work was made possible thanks to a contract with CEA, Direction des Applications Militaires Île-de-France (DIF), Bruyères-le-Châtel, 91297 Arpajon, France. We extend special thanks to Claire Guilbaud, Rolan Le Martret and Guenole Harel, for this fruitful collaboration. We are looking forward to continued collaboration with CEA/DIF in this and other areas of scientific visualization.



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