The VTK 5.0.4 patch release was announced on January 22, 2008. Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 are listed below. We are planning to create the VTK-5-2 branch in CVS soon in preparation for the (upcoming) release of VTK 5.2.

  • XML precision fix
  • Suppress deprecation warnings when using cl with Unix Makefiles generator
  • Java weak reference issue
  • Use vtkIdType instead of int for correct 64-bit id builds
  • Fixed and simplified vtkOpenGLExtensionManager and updated OpenGL header files
  • Remove legacy include of GL/glaux.h
  • Add static method VTKTypeID and merge long long bug fix in vtkTypeTraits.h
  • Fix incorrect file names in the vtk*Kit.cmake files
  • Replace MPProcessors() for better Mac OSX 64-bit compatibility
  • Selected Utilities/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx fixes for KWWidgets file browser dialog
  • Fix problems when multiple observers invoke further events recursively on the same object
  • Fixed bug in vtkTransform::GetOrientation when matrix is not positive semi-definite
  • Set the upper limit of vtkMergeCells::PointMergeTolerance to VTK_LARGE_FLOAT
  • Eliminate memory leak in vtkUnstructuredGrid::BuildLinks

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