The 36th Slicer project week is a virtual event taking place from January 17 to 21.

The event is free. To learn about the projects and find out how to contribute and participate, see 

More than 120 attendees from 20 countries are working together +30 projects covering broad topics like “VR/AR and Rendering”, “Image-guided therapy and low cost systems”, “Segmentation/Classification”, “Diffusion imaging”, “Cloud integration” and “Slicer Infrastructure”.

Throughout the week, attendees discuss and meet using Discord.

Every day, one short break out session is also organized over video to provide an outlet for presenting and discussing progress related to the upcoming Slicer 5.0 release, “Image Guided Surgery Systems” and “AWS MONAI Annotation + OHIF”.

You can find out how we help customers develop commercial products based on 3D Slicer and use the platform to rapidly prototype solutions. See

Online Event