Fusing Surface Models and Medical Images, using the Structure Sensor and 3D Slicer

September 8, 2014

Registering the surface model of a patient with an MRI or CT scan of that patient is used in surgical planning, guidance, and simulation. Such registrations are common in high-end commercial medical systems.  Here we demonstrate that such registrations can also be performed using the low-cost, innovative Structure Sensor and the open-source 3D Slicer application. We have published a video that shows the results of our technique:

You can also find the video on Kitware’s Vimeo account: http://vimeo.com/105257073.

The steps for our technique, which were used to create the video, are detailed in the PDF slides at the end of the post.

Kitware offers expertise in image analysis and visualization algorithms; and we can help integrate your data and expertise into Slicer for product demonstrations, clinical trials, and regulatory-approve product deployment. Learn more about how Kitware can customize 3D Slicer to host your innovative technology via our webpages, kitware.com/opensource/slicer.html.

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