Introducing a New Tool for Synthetic X-ray Image Generation: Sign Up for a Live Demo

June 19, 2024

At Kitware, we build software libraries, tools, and platforms that accelerate research and product development. To support our customers’ evolving needs, we are excited to introduce X-ray Genius, a new tool for enhanced synthetic X-ray generation. This integrated cloud-based web application uses input Computed Tomography (CT) images to create synthetic X-ray images known as Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (DRRs). 

Why a New Tool?

X-ray Genius provides a comprehensive DRR solution that supports the research and development of modern AI and machine learning algorithms. Its simulated X-ray capabilities are particularly valuable in orthopedics, where intraoperative fluoroscopic imaging data is often not archived post-surgery, and CT scans are not the standard of care for many high-volume procedures. Leveraging the latest advancements in DRR technology, the tool supports the development of modern AI biomedical applications by providing a user-friendly, web-enabled graphical interface, a cloud-deployable computation back-end, and a modular, customizable design. 

It is built on top of robust open-source software platforms such as VolView and Girder to maximize stability and maintainability. It is hosted on AWS and provides reliable performance and trusted data security in multi-user environments, making it suitable for educational institutions, research facilities, and medical device developers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Deep-Learning Engineers: Simulate large numbers of X-ray images from a cohort of CT volumes to augment clinical data.
  • Researchers and Educators: Create realistic medical images for training and educational purposes.
  • Medical Device Developers: Access precise synthetic X-ray images for testing and validating new medical devices and technologies.
  • Clinical Training: Provide trainees with high-quality, simulated X-ray images replicating real-world scenarios without patient data.
  • Orthopedics: Generate synthetic fluoroscopy and X-ray images useful for planning and simulating surgical procedures.
  • Multi-User and Multi-session Environments: Enjoy seamless performance and collaboration with AWS deployment, ideal for institutions needing high availability and scalability.

See the Tool in Action

Watch our demo video to look at this new tool. The video has voice-over narration. Please turn on your speakers or use headphones.

Schedule a Live Demo

Are you interested in learning more about the tool and the different ways we can customize it for your research and product development needs? Click here to schedule your live demo today.

Our team will walk you through the features and functionalities, showing how this tool can support your research and development projects.

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