Intel: $100M Ecosystem of Ideas : We Prefer if it is OPEN

February 23, 2011


“The computer chip giant Intel announced it will invest $100 million in
U.S. universities to support cutting-edge research in computing and communications.”

“Beginning with a multi-institutional collaboration devoted to computer visualization based at Stanford University….”

“Intel officials say each center will adopt its own arrangements on intellectual property…”

                                     “…But they say the preferred approach
                                      is to publish all research in the open literature
                                     and to make available with an open source license
                                     any software that is developed”.

According to Pat Hanrahan:
This type of investment is a natural development.
Companies realize that:

                        “If they create a whole ecosystem of ideas, they all benefit from it.”

It is a good sign!
Corporate managers seem to be reading
2009 Nobel Laureate in Economics : Elinor Ostrom’s

“Working Together: Collective Action, the commons and Multiple methods in Practice”
 By Amy R. Poteete, Marco A. Janssen, Elinor Ostrom

and learning that Economics: is not a zero-sum game.

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