ITK 3.16 Released

September 16, 2009

ITK 3.16 was released on September 15, 2009. The main changes in this release include the continued addition of classes for managing labeled images contributed on an Insight Journal article by G. Lehmann. These added classes were the remaining components of a 70+ class label map morphology module. These classes provide for the efficient representation of label maps and for conversion between current ITK label images and the efficient storage format. Details are available from “Label Object Representation and Manipulation with ITK”, which can be read in the January Source or on the Insight Journal ( These new classes can be found in the Code/Review Directory and can be enabled by setting the CMake variable ITK_USE_REVIEW to ON during the configuration process. Thanks to Gaetan Lehmann and Sophie Chen for their dedication on bringing these valuable new functionalities into ITK.

This release offers a fix to a long standing issue in ITK regarding the computation of physical coordinates associated with pixels. This fix is enabled by default, but if you need to revert it to the previous behavior for backward compatibility reasons, you can disable it by turning off the CMake flag:
ITK_USE_CENTERED_PIXEL_COORDINATES_CONSISTENTLY. Thanks to Tom Vercauteren and Michel Audette for their hard work on getting this difficult issue fixed.

Many improvements and fixes in the I/O infrastructure were contributed by Brad Lowekamp, making it now possible to manage large image files through the streaming infrastructure of the data pipeline. In particular Brad contributed examples illustrating how to process the entire Visible Human dataset via an ITK pipeline.

Thanks to Bill Lorensen, indefatigable guardian of the Backward Compatibility Gates and High Priest of the Green Dashboard who keep us away from our evil ways.

For more details about this release, please visit the ITK Wiki and search for “Release 3.16”.

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