ITK 4.9 Release Candidate 2 is Ready for Testing!

December 2, 2015

On behalf of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit community, the second release candidate for ITK 4.9 is available! Please test changes introduced in the release candidate, which are detailed below. For key highlights of version 4.9, please read “ITK 4.9 Release Candidate 1 is ready for testing!

Changes from v4.9rc01 to v4.9rc02


Bill Lorensen (1):

     BUG: Valgrind detected an invalid read

Davis Vigneault (1):

     STYLE: Address some warnings when running cppcheck

Hyun Jae Kang (2):

     COMP: Fixed a warning message of data-conversion on VS14

     COMP: Update KWStyle to remove format-string warning message

Matthew McCormick (3):

     DOC: Remove invalid wrapping example.

     BUG: Wrap AdaptiveEqualizationHistogram.

     COMP: Ignore Doxygen endcond warning in itkIsConvertible.h.

Seun Odutola (1):

     COMP: Corrected minc2.h path installation from libsrc2/minc2.h to minc2.h

Ziv Yaniv (2):

     BUG: Affine transformation was estimated without sufficient number of points.

     BUG: fixed BSpline initializer crash when reference image not set.

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