Roni Choudhury

Technical Leader

Data and Analytics

Kitware New York
Clifton Park, NY

Roni Choudhury

Dr. A.N.M. Imroz Choudhury (who goes by “Roni”) joined Kitware in August 2012 as a member of the Scientific Computing team. His graduate work was in software visualization, specifically in formulating visualizations of program memory behavior. More generally he is interested in information visualization for its value in helping engineers, scientists, and laypeople to understand the world around them.

Roni received his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2003, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah in 2012. He has been involved in several areas of visualization and computing research, including meshless methods for mechanical engineering simulation, visualization of mechanical deformation, ray tracing for non-photorealistic effects, information visualization for biological data, and visualization of runtime cache and memory behavior.


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