Scott Wittenburg

Scott Wittenburg

Staff R&D Engineer

Mr. Wittenburg received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in 2000 and 2013, respectively. In the intervening years, Scott worked as a software developer at a variety of companies in and around Santa Fe and Los Alamos, New Mexico. Immediately prior to joining Kitware, Scott was a consultant developer for the Redfish Group, where he worked on a variety of projects, including an NSF Partnerships for Innovation grant to do calibration and real-time warping of HTML5 Video and Canvas applications when projecting onto arbitrary, non-planar surfaces. During his time in graduate school, Scott was a research assistant at the UNM Advanced Graphics Lab where he Developed a GPU-based hardbody thermal simulation which exploits the OpenGL graphics pipeline to model and visualize heat transfer on the surface of a solid object.

Scott joined Kitware in 2013 and is currently working on web-related aspects of ParaView.

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