Emerging Ideas

To stay on the cutting-edge of technology, Kitware is constantly exploring emerging technologies and testing new ideas. Because of our commitment to open science and transparency, we believe in the “release early and often” philosophy. Sometimes this means that Kitware releases new projects, to start building a community and get feedback, even though the software may still be in an investigative stage. The projects and technologies on this page are some of the pioneering ideas Kitware is researching.

CalaTK is Kitware's Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Atlas Toolkit.

KWScene is a portable library for managing hierarchies of objects in space that integrates with ITK, VTK, and Qt. KWScene provides support for reading and writing in a variety of SceneGraph formats and issues events on scene modification.


MicroTK is currently being developed for digital microscopy analysis. MicroTK leverages Kitware's Midas Platform and provides interactive tools for analyzing data and annotating digital pathology data.

OpenView is an easy-to-use application for exploring data beyond what is possible in Excel, using visualization techniques from the world-renowned Visualization Toolkit. OpenView can also be used for educating about information visualization techniques.

QtTesting framework is currently being developed for ParaView to integrate with its Qt user interface toolkit. The framework supports easy test case creation, allows for multiple forms of validation, enables test cases that can be recorded as scripts and low-level metafiles, and can be used within the existing code and interfaces built using Qt Designer.
TubeTK is an open-source toolkit of algorithms tailored to the segmentation, registration, and analysis of tubular structures. The toolkit is built on and contributes back to several open-source efforts, including ITK, 3D Slicer, the Common Toolkit (CTK), CMake, CDash, and the Midas Platform.
Visomics, an open-source application, is being developed by Kitware for the exploration of biological omics. Built on top of VTK and ITK, Visomics is a flexible, user-friendly, end-to-end software solution that incorporates data ingestion, analysis and visualization tasks for a variety of data types and sizes.