Open Source

Kitware develops, maintains and supports a wide array of toolkits and applications that are used by tens of thousands of software developers, researchers and practitioners worldwide. These projects all use commercial-friendly permissive open-source licenses (BSD or Apache 2), and work across a variety of platforms. Need help? We're here for you! We offer books, support, and training courses, as well as customized consulting contracts to help you leverage our tools in your next project.

Cross-platform system to manage software building, testing and packaging.

Visualization Toolkit
Software development toolkit
for data processing and visualization.
Scalable (desktop / web / HPC) applications for data visualization.
Software development toolkit
for medical image processing, segmentation and registration.

Web-based server that analyzes and displays the results of software testing.

Medical image computing and visualization application.
High-level component-based framework for image guided surgery applications.
Open Chemistry
Visualization and informatics tools for computational chemistry and materials science.

Midas Platform
Collection of server, client, and stand-alone tools for data archiving, analysis, and access.

Workflow creation and sharing tool built on Python and
R analytics.
Toolkit for image and video exploitation and retrieval.

End-to-end solution for supporting simulation lifecycles.

Mobile (iOS / Android) app for exploring scientific and medical datasets.
Toolkit for segmentation, registration, and analysis of tubes and surfaces in images.