ParaView & ParaViewWeb

ParaView began in 2000 as a collaborative effort between Kitware and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Designed as an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application, ParaView harnesses the power of distributed memory computing resources. To extend the functionality of ParaView to enable web-based, distance visualization, we have developed ParaViewWeb. Supporting both of these projects is a collaborative user and developer community, which has grown dramatically and now includes Sandia National Laboratories and the Army Research Laboratory as significant contributors.


ParaView is an application framework and turnkey application. Users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques, with data exploration done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView's batch processing capabilities. Furthermore, the ParaView code base is designed in such a way that all of its components can be reused to quickly develop vertical applications. This flexibility allows ParaView developers to quickly develop applications that have specific functionality for a specific problem domain.


ParaViewWeb provides a collaborative, remote web interface for 3D visualization using the ParaView server. ParaViewWeb enables users to develop websites and portals that include live, interactive visualizations, and the highly customizable components ensure that the visualizations can be tailored to a user's precise needs. As an interactive, web-based interface, ParaViewWeb is a novel tool for scientific collaboration.