Proven Open Source Solutions

Kitware has a long-standing commitment to our open-source mission, which has led to a history of contributing to robust, enduring, and large-scale open-source projects. As an internationally-recognized leader in developing and maintaining open-source software and growing collaborative communities, our mature projects have stable code bases, quality documentation, and considerable communities supporting them.

Kitware contributes to the scientific computing community through the creation of valuable technologies released with generous, non-reciprocal licenses, ensuring a level playing field for all community members and eliminating commercial restrictions such as dual or reciprocal licensing.

It is through this commitment and strong convictions in Open Science and Open Access that we are ultimately building an international scientific computing infrastructure. By having such resources available to leverage in new work, Kitware's mature open-source projects not only provide the foundation for many of the company's innovative technologies and emerging ideas but also receive development and improvements through new projects.

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