3D Slicer

Kitware is one of the leading development teams for 3D Slicer. 3D Slicer is a free, open-source, extensible application for visualization and image analysis, particularly for medical images. Funded and directed by the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC), the Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC), the National Center for Image-Guided Therapy (NCIGT), and numerous other NIH and government initiatives, 3D Slicer is being applied to research and applications ranging from pre-clinical animal studies to surgical planning and guidance, medical robot control, and population studies.

Built using the software processes and products of Kitware (e.g., ITK, VTK, CMake, and CDash), 3D Slicer is now the centerpiece of a massive and very active community of developers and users. Algorithms that span a broad range of segmentation, registration, and quantification tasks have been contributed by researchers from around the world and extensive collections of documentation and tutorials have been created. The 3D Slicer community is constantly adding new features and continuously and rigorously testing the application.

Integral to continuing to support the 3D Slicer community, Kitware is now also offering consulting services in response to the rapidly growing demand for the development of proprietary applications and commercial products based on 3D Slicer. We have used 3D Slicer to rapidly prototype solutions in nearly every aspect of medical imaging. We are also collaborating on the development of commercial pre-clinical and clinical products based on 3D Slicer. If you are interested in building upon 3D Slicer for your applications, please contact us at kitware@kitware.com.

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