David Stoup

David Stoup

Principal Engineer

David joined Kitware in August 2009 as an R&D Engineer for the Computer Vision Group.┬áHe received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in May 2001. During his senior year, David worked for the University’s Computer Vision Lab on a project to measure forest biomass using 3D reconstructions from aerial video.

David has over 10 years experience designing and developing large-scale applications in both Java and C++. While attending UMass he built software to model Chemistry experiments and presented the results as a series of interactive multimedia applications which were published with chemistry textbooks from Harcourt Publishing and Thompson Learning. Following graduation, David worked for DataViz where he built MS Office compatibility software for mobile devices. David was largely responsible for providing image support for Word documents and charting support for Excel documents. After leaving DataViz, David moved to the Capital District where he became a consultant for the State of NY. During that time he architected and built a large Java application to streamline the State Department of Education’s process for distributing education funding to its school districts.

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