Kitware is hosting a training course titled ‘Project Lifecycle Management with the CMake Family of Tools‘ in Santa Fe. The course will be held on March 4, 2014. Through a set of tutorials and exercises, the course will provide you with an in-depth examination of how CMake works, as well as how you can efficiently write CMake scripts for small to larger projects. For example, you will learn how to create a build system for your C/C++/Fortran project using CMake.

Objectives of the course include to teach you how to configure simple and complex projects with CMake, to help you understand the basics of CMake, to teach you about CMake’s new advanced features, and to quickly bring you up to speed regarding tools such as CPack, CTest, and CDash. Further program details and registration information are available on the Kitware website.

The price of the course via early registration is $650. Early registration is available through February 12th. The price of the course via regular registration is $815.

Physical Event