Kitware Recognizes Talented Individuals Instrumental in Company’s Continued Success

June 17, 2020

Company Announces Strategic New Hire, Promotions to Align with Plans for Future Growth

Clifton Park, New York (June 17, 2020) – Through these uncertain times, Kitware is grateful to support growth and is pleased to announce several promotions and new management positions across various departments.   

First, there are two promotions at the management level that reflect the outstanding performance of the recognized individuals, including excellent project leadership, employee mentorship, and technical achievement. Their significant efforts have fueled the recent growth of their teams, creating the need for these management-level positions. 

Keith Fieldhouse

Director of Cyber-Physical Systems | Clifton Park, New York

Keith joined Kitware in 2011 and has more than 34 years of experience in professional software development. In his four years as an assistant director for computer vision, Keith has demonstrated outstanding leadership on large, multi-year, multi-phase projects. Through these projects, he has developed a new area of business for Kitware in cyber-physical systems. In recognition of his expertise and sustained accomplishments, Keith is being promoted to director of cyber-physical systems, a new and independent area of emphasis within Kitware’s Computer Vision Team. In addition to coordinating Kitware’s programs involving unmanned aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles, Keith also leads the development of computer vision’s open source toolkit, KWIVER. Keith also regularly mentors and trains software developers and manages the robotics lab where much of Kitware’s hardware work takes place.

Beatriz Paniagua

Assistant Director of Medical Computing | Carrboro, North Carolina

Bea joined Kitware’s Medical Computing Team in 2016 after more than seven years as a research assistant professor at the University of North Carolina. She has a strong, sustained track record of winning and leading both commercial and government-funded research projects. Bea collaborates with leading researchers within her technical focus area of craniomaxillofacial imaging which has resulted in several projects at Kitware. She is also on the operations team for Kitware’s North Carolina office and volunteers regularly in Chapel Hill to support women in science and technology. 

In addition to these promotions, Kitware also expanded the Computer Vision Team by adding a new assistant director of computer vision. 

Scott McCloskey

Assistant Director of Computer Vision | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Scott brings deep expertise in computational imaging, project leadership, and business development in computer vision R&D. In addition to his valued expertise, Scott’s hire is significant to Kitware as he serves as the first employee located in the Minneapolis area. Prior to joining Kitware, Scott was a technical fellow at Honeywell, where he served as the principal investigator on a number of commercial and contract-funded projects in computer vision and computational imaging. His government-funded work included projects with DARPA, IARPA, and DoD agencies. Scott’s commercial work addressed problems in visual surveillance, biometrics, barcode scanning, and visual metrology. He remains actively involved with technical conferences in the computer vision and computational imaging communities. 

Kitware also wants to recognize three individuals who have exhibited significant expertise and leadership in their fields. They have demonstrated their ability to work effectively with those on their team as well as others across the company, and they have excelled in their interactions with our collaborators. 

Branden Wagner

Information Security Manager | Clifton Park, New York

Eric Smith

Principal Engineer | Clifton Park, New York

Jeff Webb

Technical Leader | Carrboro, North Carolina 

Kitware is proud to acknowledge these talented individuals and looks forward to continuing to grow its team. If you are interested in being a part of something bigger and making a difference in the world, apply today! Visit to learn more about career opportunities at Kitware.

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