Data & Analytics
Advances in scientific research, engineering design, and knowledge discovery are increasingly fueled by data-centric computing. Since the effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability collect, store, process, mine, and visualize data, scientists and analysts require efficient access to data servers that enable clients to access and manage the data repository. Kitware has been a pioneer in the area of open-access scientific data management. Midas, our premier data management platform, was created to build applications that handle data management problems across many domains.
What Kitware Can Do for You
  • Develop and deploy a custom, open access publication repository to support your publication and data submissions, coupled with an embedded interactive 3D viewer or measuring tools.
  • Design and implement advanced client-server systems and data platforms that support easy upload, processing, visualization, and retrieval of data up to petascale in size.
  • Integrate flexible data management systems that scale based on your data needs, from mobile to HPC architectures.
Featured Video: Tangelo for Analytics
Tangelo is a web application framework that makes it easy to create modern, dynamic web applications to explore relationships in your data.

Driving Patient-Powered Data Donation
Customer challenge: As part of the Give-A-Scan project, the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) required a system for archiving patient-provided scans.
Kitware Solution: Kitware collaborated with the LCA to develop a portal, backed by our data management framework, to provide researchers access to the patient-provided scans and supplementary information such as clinical histories. By leveraging Kitware’s framework, the Give-a-Scan portal has improved metadata capabilities, making critical images and data more accessible to researchers thereby accelerating the pace of research.