Recent Releases: SimpleITK 0.6.1

April 15, 2013

Kitware and the Insight Development team have released SimpleITK version 0.6.1. The binaries for this release are available for download from Sourceforge and the SimpleITK website (

Notable improvements in this release include basic support for transformations, interpolator support in the Resample and other filters, over 250 ImageFilters wrapped, binary filter support for comparative operators, support for generating DICOM filename series, Set/GetPixel support for vectors and complex pixel types, and experimental support for Python multi-threading by defining SimpleITK_PYTHON_THREADS in CMake.

Also available are numerous updated Python binaries, which can be downloaded via setuptools’ easy_install, and select binary distributions for C# and Java. Information on downloading and getting started with these binaries can be found on the ITK wiki.
Python improvements for this release include support and binaries for Python 3.2 on Windows and Linux, multi-dimensional sliced indexing, improved numpy conversion for RGB images, and overloaded comparative operators, which make thresholding and label selection very easy.

C# improvements include binaries being built with C#’s platform matching the native libraries architecture. An item to note is that there was an issue with how the C# assembly’s version was calculated at the “v0.6.1” tag which was promptly patched in the release branch, and hence the binaries contain “post2” in the version.

For more information on SimpleITK, please visit the SimpleITK webiste, or contact the mailing list. For more information on Kitware’s Medical Computing expertise, please visit the Kitware homepage or email

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