Being a Culture Cultivator at Kitware

April 28, 2014

10 years – Wow has time passed quickly.  Who would have imagined a little hobby of mine would bring a new culture to Kitware?

Making baby blankets for Kitware babies began when our CFO had his 2nd daughter.  As a thank you for a behemoth of a television that was offered to any employee that wanted it, I picked up my old hobby and crocheted a baby blanket for his little girl.

Little did I know at that time, Kitware would exponentially grow beyond anyone’s imagination. As the total of Kitware’s employees grew, so did their families. It has been a joy and great pleasure to welcome each new member of the Kitware family with their own unique baby blanket. 


As I saw my 10 year anniversary approaching, I counted up the actual number of blankets made and gifted to my fellow employees.  50 and counting… And many memories with all my fellow Kitwareans.



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