CDash 1.2 Released

October 10, 2008

CDash the open-source, web-based software testing server has had is second major release since May. CDash aggregates, analyzes and displays the results of software testing processes submitted from clients located around the world, conveying the state of a software system to continually improve its quality.

All of the Kitware software projects have been transitioned to CDash and the Dart server is no longer being used. The main CDash server for open-source projects is now hosting 12+ projects with accumulated data spanning 8 years total.  This accumulated data storage only uses about 60GB of disk space.

The 1.2 release fixes more than 30 bugs and adds more than 20 new features including:

  • Support of PostGreSQL and MySQL as a backend database
  • The Site page now lists the users who claimed a site
  • The Site page now shows the time spent to build and submit to CDash
  • The configuration column now displays CMake configuration warnings, errors and time
  • Variations in the number of errors, warnings, tests from the previous build are now shown on the main dashboard page
  • Users can now recover passwords
  • CDash can now send summary email for nightly groups
  • CDash now sends an email when expected builds have not submitted the previous day
  • Clicking on a landmark on a graph now links to the results for that build
  • Project administrators can now send email to all site maintainers
  • You can now add a user or group of users without a file upload
  • CDash now supports ViewVC, WebSVN and Loggerhead for source management
  • CDash now supports multiple repositories per project
  • Build notes are now compressed in the database

Personal CDash

If you would like to use CDash for your software project, Kitware is now hosting a CDash server that allows anyone to quickly setup a new project. This exciting, free service allows project to be administered entirely from the CDash web interface. To start submitting to your own personal CDash, register at, and create your project.

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