CDash 1.8.2 Released

December 13, 2010

Kitware is proud to announce the release of CDash 1.8.2. CDash is the open-source, web-based software testing server that aggregates, analyzes and displays the results of software testing processes submitted from clients around the world, conveying the state of a software system and allowing continuous improvements in its quality.

The main CDash server for open-source projects is now hosting 16+ projects and is hosting more than 250 projects including KDE, Amarok and Lapack dashboards.

The 1.8 release fixes more than 20 bugs and adds new features including:

  • Support for asynchronous submissions
  • Support for CDash@Home : central management of builds
  • Automatic removal of builds based on group type
  • Better code stability and improved coverage
  • Better submission checking with CTest
  • Better report of submission errors

To download or upgrade CDash to the newest release please visit

Personal CDash

If you would like to use CDash for your software project, Kitware is now hosting a CDash server that allows anyone to quickly setup a new project. This exciting, free service allows projects to be administered entirely from the CDash web interface. To start submitting to your own personal CDash, register at, and create your project.

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