CDash Beta Released

April 1, 2008

Kitware is happy to announce the release of CDash Beta, a new tool in our Quality Software Process chain. CDash is a follow up effort to Dart1 and Dart2. It uses many of the concepts that have been developed over the past decade for testing Dashboards. For a full history see

CDash is implemented as a web application using standard web tools like php and MySQL.

CDash Features

  • Client/Server model for testing and reporting
  • Separation of data from presentation using XML and XSLT
  • Interactive dashboards with content updated in real-time
  • Summarization of build logs to highlight any errors and warnings
  • Comparison of testing results across configurations
  • Multiple sites can contribute testing results
  • Empowers developers to test software in an extreme programming environment
  • Email notifications can be sent to developers when errors occur
  • Compatible with existing versions of CMake 2.4 and greater
  • Easy conversion from Dart1 dashboards
  • Formatted for the iPhone (demo)
  • Graphing of test times and failures over time for individual tests

 System requirements

  • MySQL database (5.x and higher)
  • PHP (5.0 recommended)
  • XSL module for PHP
  • cURL module for PHP (for site statistics)
  • GD module for PHP (for regression tests)

Kitware is now using CDash to test our major open-source projects. Those dashboards can be found here: CDash is being released under the BSD license. Kitware offers courses and hosting options for CDash and the Kitware Quality Software Process. For more information about CDash see

The CDash dashboard for CMake


Timing history graph for a test


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