CDash Now Scalable for Extremely Large Software Efforts

May 4, 2009

Kitware has been working with the Trilinos team ( at Sandia National Labs to help them port to CMake/CTest/CDash. Trilinos is an extremely large software effort whose goal is to develop algorithms and enabling technologies for the solution of large-scale, complex, multi-physics engineering and scientific problems.

The project is composed of more than 40 active subprojects each of which needs to be seen as a single large entity and as individual projects by themselves. Prior to CDash 1.4, global and individual project views of this scale and size weren’t possible. With the changes made to CDash and CTest, Trilinos developers are now able to receive dashboard emails for specific subprojects on which they are working. Additionally, CDash queries can now be saved and used as bookmarks.

 The new subproject view in CDash 1.4 for the Trilinos project at Sandia National Laboratories.

Main page for the Epetra subproject of the Trilinos project. Note the filter entry at the top of the dashboard showing only sites whose names contain ‘sandia’. The associated hyperlink is used for easy linking and bookmarking.

CDash Hosting
If you don’t have time to setup your own CDash, Kitware offers free CDash hosting for your projects. In a few clicks, you can register and start submitting to your own dashboard at

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