CMake 2.4.2 Released

July 13, 2006

The latest release of CMake is the 2.4 release. The 2.4 release branch has many new features to support KDE(, which has chosen CMake as its build system. In addition to improvements in the CMake build system, a new tool called CPack has been added to the CMake family. CPack is a tool to create release packages automatically. It is currently in beta and supports the Nullsoft installer on Windows, the Mac OSX installer, and several forms of compressed tar files. In future releases it will support RPMs and other Linux/UNIX distribution systems.

The changes for the CMake 2.4 branch are as follows. Changes in CMake 2.4.2:

• Run symlink command from correct directory for executable versions
• Fix for universal binaries and Xcode depend problem
• Changes to LIST command; see –help-command LIST
• Fix FindQT to be able to use full paths to source files
• Fix CPack ZIP on Windows command line problem
• Find executables with no extension on Windows mingw
• Fix FindQt3 to use QTDIR over path
• Significant speedup in try-compile for nmake
• CPack improvements including tar bzip2
• FindQt4 Windows path fix
• Sunos cc optimize flags are correct
• Fix crash with ${} empty variable
• Increase depend speed on Mac OS.
• Install command CONFIGURATIONS option.
• Fix MSVC60, MSVC70, MSVC71, MSVC80 definitions for IDE builds
• Fix for C++ compiler being used for c code in VS IDE

Changes in CMake 2.4.1:
• Several ctest and cpack bug fixes
• Many updates and fixes for FindQt4.cmake
• Fix CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS in CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake
• Handle running make from a symlinked build tree
• Automatic color output detection for shells building with make
• Kdevelop generator handles CMakeFiles directory better
• Add correct depend information for fluid
• Allow the cache to be saved even if a fatal error occurs
• Fix bug in relative path subdir and add_subdirectoy commands
• Support in Visual Studio for two object files with the same name
• Short file names used for library paths in Visual Studio
• Package target only shows up when you have cpack config files
• Use dl and not -ldl for adding in the dynamic library
• Fix check c/cxx source compiles macros to not clobber log files
• Fix nmake version detection of cl and create correct pdb files
• Fix msys bootstrap
• Change color output to be more readable
• Fix Visual Studio 6 library naming

Changes in CMake 2.4.0:
• CPack beta
• Visual Studio 2005 win64 support
• Improved install support
• Improved support for finding/using OSX Frameworks
• Multiple output support for custom commands
• Color output in make with vt100 terminals CMAKE_COLOR_MAKFILE
• Better variables for MSVC MSVC80
• Library path order is preserved
• Fix for text file busy in xcodebuild runs
• Better bundle support on OSX
• ctest -S scripts can run in new process with new environment
• OSX universal binary support
• Watcom support
• MinGW and MSYS support
• Visual Studio 2005 manifest support
• Better handling of RPATH, no longer put rpath in install tree
• ctest captures output from vcexpress
• cmake –help-module can give help for cmake modules
• Several bug fixes

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