In January 2008, Kitware released CMake 2.4.8. This is expected to be the last CMake release in the 2.4.X branch. 2.4.8 has many bug fixes over 2.4.7. Some highlights are:

  • Visual Studio 9 support
  • CMakeSetup.exe works with Windows Vista with no elevation of permissions.
  • Improved FindQt4
  • Fixes to FindPkgConfig
  • Allow NODEFAULTLIBS to have more than one value
  • Suppress regeneration of makefiles during try compile avoid infinite. Loop in trycompile with some VS 2005 builds.
  • Allow for debug libraries in InstallRequiredSystemLibraries. cmake for vs8
  • Fix for cpack and messing up PATH with NSIS
  • Fix for exception handling flags in VS 2003 and up
  • Fix for kde4-config location
  • Fix for self extracting .sh files on solaris
  • Fix for version numbers on NetBSD
  • Add more search directories (install prefix and cmake location)
  • Include WindowsPaths in Windows.cmake not just Windows-cl.cmake
  • Make #cmakedefine output match autoconf when undefined
  • Add support for DragonFly and GNU hurd

For a full list of features and bug fixes, see the announcement in the CMake mailing list archives.

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