CMake 2.6.4 Released

May 5, 2009

The CMake team is pleased to announce the release of CMake 2.6.4. This release is available for download on The documentation for 2.6.4 can be found here.

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at

A full list of changes for the 2.6 release tree can be found here.

Some notable changes are:

  • Fix broken OSXX11 CPack generator
  • Fix #8843 ctest system information was not always correct on linux
  • Fix transitive linking of imported libraries
  • Fix CDash only submit with ctest_submit
  • Fix scope issue with CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE and macros
  • Fix crash in include_directories #8704
  • Do not warn if LIBPATH is not set for nmake
  • No longer mark header files as HEADER_FILE_ONLY automatically, this gets rid of the ugly red marks in Visual Stuido
  • Enforce unique binary directories
  • Clarify docs of old *_OUTPUT_PATH vars
  • Fix svn update logic for modified files
  • Add get_filename_component(… REALPATH)

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