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November 27, 2012

And a few more…

Here are some important bug fixes to the CMake 2.8.10 release. Thanks going out to Alex Neundorf, Brad King, Rolf Eike Beer, (and me), … fixes for the following problems are now available in a bug fix release.

The change log page for this bug-fix only release is here:

Please use the latest release installers from our download page rather than any previous 2.8.10 builds.

Thanks for your continued support!





These are the commits that fixed the problems:

Changes in CMake (since
Alex Neundorf (1):
      Automoc: fix regression #13667, broken build in phonon

Brad King (1):
      Initialize IMPORTED GLOBAL targets on reconfigure (#13702)

David Cole (1):
      CMake: Fix infinite loop untarring corrupt tar file

Rolf Eike Beer (1):
      FindGettext: fix overwriting result with empty variable (#13691)

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