CMake 2.8.10-rc3 ready for testing!

October 24, 2012

The CMake 2.8.10 release candidate stream continues! This is the last RC unless somebody finds a critical, must-fix issue with it.

You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • file(DOWNLOAD now handles “https” URLs — the pre-built binaries available from Kitware link to OpenSSL
  • support for the latest available versions of Visual Studio (11 / 2012) and Xcode (4.3, 4.4, 4.5, developer previews)
  • uniform compiler “id” and version number variables available for nearly all known compilers and platforms
  • new way to arrange exported targets that depend on other targets into “export sets”
  • new generator expressions
  • generator expressions available in more contexts, namely in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES and COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target properties
  • new target properties for PDB_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY and PDB_NAME, implemented for Visual Studio 7 and up
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

The bug tracker change log page for this version is at:

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the previous rc. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker. This release candidate will become the final release for 2.8.10 by the end of October unless somebody finds and reports a serious issue that needs to be fixed.






Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc3 (since 2.8.10-rc2)
Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: add testcase
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: fix for release and debug libs being the same

Stephen Kelly (5):
      BasicConfigVersion: Make docs refer to the macro, not the module name
      Document LOCATION undefined behavior with use of LINKER_LANGUAGE.
      GenEx: Add an accessor for imported targets in a makefile.
      GenEx: Create cmGeneratorTargets for imported targets.
      GexEx: Validate Target names and property names differently.

Thomas Arcila (1):
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix foreach(x IN LISTS ...) syntax

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