CMake 2.8.11 Now Available

May 22, 2013

Kitware, on behalf of the global CMake team, announced the release CMake 2.8.11 on May 17. This new release of CMake features the introduction of Target Usage Requirements and a Generator Toolset Selection for Visual Studio and XCode, as well as a variety of other improvements.

With the Target Usage Requirements, developers can now specify target usage requirements for their consumers such as include directories and preprocessor definitions, whereas in previous versions only link dependencies were supported. Additionally, with the target_link_libraries(myexe yourlib), developers can now build myexe sources with requirements specified by yourlib. There are also a new target include directory and target compile definitions commands that offer public, private, and interface options. The detailed discussion on this topic is available on the KDE website.

The new Generator Toolset selection for Visual Studio and XCode inform the IDE which compiler toolchain to use. Other improvements include the introduction of the ExternalData Module and the ability to reference data unambiguously from source tree by the content hash.

For a full list of improvements in the CMake 2.8.11 release, please read the blog post or view all changes in the changelog. To get started with the new release, download it from the CMake download page. You can also get involved with CMake by joining the community through the mailing lists.

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