CMake 2.8.2 RC 1 ready for testing!

June 15, 2010

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.2 has entered the release candidate stage! You can find the source and binaries here:

Following is the list of changes in this release. (If you notice something missing please let me know and I will add it to the official release when 2.8.2 is finalized.)

Changes in CMake 2.8.2 RC 1 (since CMake 2.8.1)
– Build on Tru64 (#10542)
– Build on mingw-w64
– Build on old Sun (#10550, #10543)
– CPack: Add native BZip2 support
– CPack: Set compression type in RPM spec (#10363)
– CPack: Try harder to initialize staging directory (#10793)
– CTest: Add –stop-time argument
– CTest: Cost data with ‘-j’
– CTest: Fix memory report
– CTest: Glob for uncovered files during coverage tests
– CTest: Option to specify cdash server
– CTest: PHP Coverage support
– CTest: Process tree kill for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, kFreeBSD, GNU/Hurd
– CTest: Report failure in Update.xml
– CTest: Submit author email in Update.xml
– CTest: Teach ctest_update about Git submodules
– Cygwin: Export all symbols with ENABLE_EXPORTS (#10122)
– Do not list file names during ‘cmake -E tar xz’
– Documentation: Comply with “XHTML 1.0 Strict”
– Documentation: Fix typo in CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH (#10291)
– Documentation: Fix typo in HAS_CXX docs (#10578)
– Documentation: More consistent command signatures
– Eclipse: Do not add INCLUDE to environment twice
– Enable extra CodeBlocks generator on Cygwin
– ExternalProject: Support .zip and .bz2 archives, MD5 verification
– ExternalProject: Reconfigure when args change (#10258)
– ExternalProject: Support Git, SVN username/password
– FindCurses: Fix for cygwin ncurses package
– FindHSPELL: Version support
– FindJava: Error if version is not found only when REQUIRED
– FindJava: Support runtime and development components (#9840)
– FindKDE4: Prefer kdeconfig results over system paths
– FindMPEG: Check for ‘vo’ library
– FindPNG: Support png 1.4 versioned lib names (#10551)
– FindPkgConfig: Add QUIET keyword to pkgconfig macros (see #10469)
– FindZLIB: GnuWin32 support, version support (#5588)
– FindwxWidget: Fix CXX flag parsing (#10209)
– Fix .pdb name attribute in VS project files (#10614)
– Fix CodeBlocks to work with Fortran-only
– Fix VS 2010 custom commands (#10503)
– Fix VS 6 support for COMPILE_DEFINITIONS_MINSIZEREL (#10700)
– Fix cross-compiling from Linux to iPhone (#10526)
– Fix documentation typos
– Fix g95 Fortran compiler support
– Fix uname masking in file(WRITE) and write_file (#10789)
– GetPrerequisites: Provide an override hook
– Handle non-ASCII terminators in file(STRINGS)
– Module fixes: FindPythonLibs, FindQt4, FindX11, FindwxWidgets
– PathScale Fortran compiler tool detection
– Qt4 OpenGL framework fix
– Qt4ConfigDependentSettings.cmake Qt4Macros.cmake UseQt4.cmake
– Recognize ARM ABI/EABI with GNU compilers
– Recognize Clang compiler
– Search basic directories on “Generic” platform
– Set MSVC* variables consistently on all generators, and test
– Support SunPro C++ 5.11 on Linux (new compiler)
– Support VS 10 Express (related to #10670)
– Support compression with ‘cmake -E tar’
– Support multiple arguments in CC,CXX,FC environment variables
– Support per-configuration librarian flags (#10768)
– Support per-platform initial ASM language flags (#10577)
– Use Fortran ABI detection results conservatively
– Use libarchive to replace the unmaintained libtar
– UseQt4: Support QtMultimedia (#10675)
– bootstrap: Fix make tool detection (#10544)
– cmake-gui: Add simple grouped view
– cmake-gui: Support build tree under symlink (#9975)
– Cleanup modules FindASPELL, FindAVIFile, FindBZip2, FindDart,
 FindEXPAT, FindGCCXML, FindGLU, FindHSPELL, FindJasper, FindLibXml2,
 FindLibXslt, FindMPEG, FindOpenAL, FindPhysFS, FindQuickTime,
 FindSubversion, FindZLIB.

Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

Happy building!


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