CMake 2.8.2-rc2 ready for testing!

June 16, 2010

The CMake 2.8.2 release candidate stream continues!

You can find the source and binaries here:

Since we switched to git, and a new workflow, we’re expecting to do more frequent releases. Because of that, our release candidate phases will be shorter than they have been historically. So, if you want to test this out and ask for a fix, do it soon, or hold your peace till the next release!

Following is the list of changes in this release. Since we switched to git, this list is now the ‘git log’ one line summary written by the named CMake developers.

Changes in CMake 2.8.2-rc2 (since 2.8.2-rc1)

Bill Hoffman (1):
      Make sure libarchive uses cmzlib and not the system libz if found.

Brad King (12):
      Use forward slashes for objects in response files
      Use platform variable for response file flag
      Use response file for objects on MinGW and MSYS
      Generalize CTest.Update* test dashboard script helpers
      ctest_update: Support custom Git update command
      ctest_update: Support Git upstream branch rewrites
      Fix CMake data and doc paths in Cygwin package
      Document scope of source file properties
      Run CTest.NoNewline test using built CMake
      Tru64: Place cmOStringStream vtable uniquely (#10541)
      Enable BootstrapTest on MSYS
      Tru64: Use full-path include directives in Makefiles (#10569)

Christoph Watzl (1):
      Fix nested source groups with VS 10 (#9863)

Clinton Stimpson (2):
      Support pthreads on irix.
      Remove macro for querying qmake for qmake variables.

David Cole (2):
      Fix issue #10346. Error if SOURCE_DIR is empty.
      Remove CTestTest3.

Zach Mullen (1):
      Extra coverage glob should subtract the explicitly defined excluded files

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