CMake 2.8.3-rc2 ready for testing!

October 7, 2010

The CMake 2.8.3 release candidate stream continues! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D


Since we switched to git, and a new workflow, we’re expecting to do more frequent releases. Because of that, our release candidate phases will be shorter than they have been historically. So, if you want to test this out and ask for a fix, do it soon, or hold your peace till the next release!


Following is the list of changes in this release. Since we switched to git, this list is now the ‘git log’ one line summary written by the named CMake developers.


Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.


Happy building!





Changes in CMake 2.8.3-rc2 (since 2.8.3-rc1)


Alex Neundorf (5):

      APPEND and not-APPEND mode of feature_summary() were swapped

      Set a default DESCRIPTION if none is given for ALL mode of feature_summary()

      Close ENDFUNCTION() properly with the same name as FUNCTION()

      Make cmake-gui remember whether the “Advanced” checkbox was checked or not

      Also store the required version number in the details message.


Ben Boeckel (3):

      Add test that CMake errors with empty libs

      Fix which string is checked for in the test

      XCode generation should fail if lang isn’t known


Bill Hoffman (5):

      Fix the name of the variable being tested.

      Fix KWStyle line length issues.

      Add a delay after untar on windows to make external project work on windows 7

      Add a new line to the end of the generated main.cxx for the hpux compiler.

      Fix for bug #11274, VS10 custom commands that create files in INTDIR fix.


Brad King (12):

      Evaluate <OBJECT_DIR> rule variable for executables

      ccmake: Fix search with ‘/’

      MinGW: Support long object file lists

      Document IMPORTED_NO_SONAME target property

      FindMPI: Recoginze -f flags from mpicc (#10771)

      Add module-dir flag for Compaq Visual Fortran (#11248)

      FindPythonInterp: Look for python2.7 interpreter

      VS10: Use $(IntDir) for per-source output directory (#11270)

      Reset platform/compiler info status for each language

      Remove trailing whitespace from Xcode generator source

      VS10: Skip targets with no linker language (#11230)

      VS10: Encode custom command comments for echo (#11283)


Clinton Stimpson (1):

      Fix regression in cross-compile patches with finding Qt libs.


David Cole (7):

      Enable calling commands with : in argv[1] (#9963)

      No extra spaces in CustomCommand test (#9963)

      Avoid CustomCommand test failure on VS71 (#9963)

      Update release scripts.

      Avoid CustomCommand test failure on VS71 (#9963)

      Honor MAKECOMMAND value saved in cache (#11026)

      New USE_FOLDERS property OFF by default. (#3796)


David Gobbi (1):

      Set the module prefix, updated Windows suffix.


Eric NOULARD (2):

      InstallGen/CPack  fix handling absolute installed file regression

      CPackRPM  Handle parenthesis in CPACK_SYSTEM_NAME (fix bug 10737)


James Bigler (2):

      Fix for bug 0011263.

      Allow -g3 for CUDA v3.0+.


Mikkel Krautz (2):

      Xcode: Avoid trailing space in ARCHS list (#11244)

      Xcode: Quote string values containing ‘$’ (#11244)


Philip Lowman (12):

      FindBoost.cmake fixes for issues 11204 & 8529

      FindBoost.cmake: Miscellaneous changes and refactoring

      FindBoost.cmake: Add Boost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS option

      FindBoost.cmake: Fix compiling against a boost source tree

      FindBoost.cmake: Fixes 11246

      FindBoost.cmake: Fixes 11121

      FindBoost.cmake: Fixes 10436

      FindBoost.cmake: Implements 11160

      Fix 11136: [patch] FindThreads.cmake documents the wrong variable

      FindBoost.cmake: Fix library search path glitch introduced in earlier commit

      FindFLEX.cmake: Fix issue 11249

      Fixes issue 11279: CMakeDetermineVSServicePack support for VS10


Yaakov Selkowitz (2):

      FindFLTK*: Use Cygwin fltk on Cygwin (#11290)

      Use ‘uname -m’ for processor on Cygwin (#10774)

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