CMake 2.8.4 available for download

February 16, 2011

On behalf of myself, Ken, Bill, Brad, Alex, Zach, Ben and the rest of the CMake team, we are pleased to announce that CMake 2.8.4 is now available for download at:;O=D

It is also available from the usual download links found on the CMake web site:

Here are the changes for CMake 2.8.4:

Changes in CMake 2.8.4 (since 2.8.4-rc2)
Alex Neundorf (1):
      Fix crash in GraphVizWriter when GRAPHVIZ_TARGET_IGNORE_REGEX is used

Andreas Schneider (1):
      FindPerlLibs: Add notice of copyright

Brad King (3):
      libarchive: Define major/minor/makedev only where needed (#11648)
      libarchive: Use OpenSSL only if CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL (#11815)
      Fix documentation of MSVC_VERSION (#11833)

David Cole (1):
      Silence the may be used uninitialized warnings: initialize stuff.

Eric NOULARD (2):
      CPack   Tests the different ways of packaging components
      Avoid foreach IN LISTS syntax which is not supported by CMake 2.6

Changes in CMake 2.8.4-rc2 (since 2.8.4-rc1)
Alex Neundorf (3):
      Make cmake build again with cmake < 2.6.3
      Strip trailing whitespace.
      Fix parsing of compiler name with a version number

Ben Boeckel (86):
      … 86 commit messages summarized as:
      Fix ADD_TEST regression when WORKING_DIRECTORY not given
      Add new “strict-mode” CMake variable checking
      Activate / avoid using new command line arguments:

Bill Hoffman (3):
      For macros make sure the FilePath points to a valid pointer in the args.
      Add a warning when variables are used uninitialized.
      Make –strict-mode option, and integrate with cmake-gui

Brad King (34):
      bootstrap: Granular system library selection (#11431)
      bootstrap: Clarify –init flag documentation (#11431)
      bootstrap: –verbose implies verbose Makefiles (#11708)
      Combine duplicate COMPILE_DEFINITIONS disclaimer
      Document COMPILE_DEFINITIONS known limitations (#11660, #11712)
      Document try_compile behavior more clearly (#11688)
      Document Check(C|CXX)SourceCompiles behavior more clearly (#11688)
      Fix get_(cmake|test)_property documentation (#11703)
      Reference get_property() from old get_*_property() commands
      Replace misleading example in the if() documentation (#10773)
      Clarify auto-dereference cases in if() command (#11701)
      Document CheckFunctionExists more clearly (#10044)
      Document CheckSymbolExists more clearly (#11685)
      Update CheckSymbolExists copyright year
      Report directory with missing source file (#11677)
      Test that missing source mentions directory (#11677)
      Teach Simple_Mingw_Linux2Win test to use windres
      Disable SubDirSpaces parens with GNU Make 3.82 (#11654)
      libarchive: Fix major() check for LSB 4.0 (#11648)
      Xcode: Make generation depend on all input directories
      Recognize SCO UnixWare C/C++ compilers (#11700)
      Factor SCO compiler info out of platform file (#11700)
      Honor CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_CONFIGURATION in Makefile generators (#10809)
      Honor VS_SCC_* properties in Fortran targets (#10237)
      Normalize slashes in scanned #include lines (#10281)
      Improve try_compile and try_run error messages
      Use shortest extension to verify try_compile language (#11731)
      Modules: Include builtin FindPackageHandleStandardArgs directly
      Fix relative CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE (#11725)
      Clarify CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE documentation (#11724)
      Always place try_compile executables predictably (#11724)
      try_compile: Allow only languages loaded in caller (#11469)
      Fix ArgumentExpansion test expected results

Clinton Stimpson (1):
      Replace exec_program with execute_process for qmake queries.

David Cole (16):
      Update script with new machine name
      VS10: Fix problems with InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.
      Add CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT for CMake’s own installer (#9148)
      Xcode: Disable implicit make rules in custom rules makefiles.
      Add freeglut as library name (#10031)
      Add new names for PNG and ZLIB libraries
      Avoid exceptions when ccmake terminal window is too small (#11668)
      VS10: Load projects with obj “source” files (#11147)
      VS10: Enable using devenv as CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM (#11459)
      Xcode: Fix crash: avoid strlen call on NULL char *
      CTestTest2: Avoid running purify unless requested
      VS10: Escape double quote chars in defines for rc files (#11695)
      Fix line too long KWStyle issue (#11695)
      Avoid space in rc /D values for VS6 and Cygwin (#11695)
      VSResource: Avoid windres /D with quoted spaces (#11695)

Marcus D. Hanwell (1):
      Bug #11715 – generate header in the build tree.

Nicolas Despres (1):
      bootstrap: Add –enable-ccache option (#11707)

Changes in CMake 2.8.4-rc1 (since 2.8.3)
Alex Neundorf (32):
      Add support for nasm assembler, patch by Peter Collingbourne (see #10069)
      Improve misleading comments.
      Add missing copyright headers
      We already have 2010, fix copyright year.
      Make FindBISON work properly with non-C locales (#11326)
      Add support for yasm, a nasm compatible assembler
      Use CMAKE_ASM_NASM_FLAGS for nasm instead of FLAGS
      Remove trailing whitespace and minor formatting changes for the dot-code
      Move the code for collecting targets and libraries into separate functions
      Properly insert all targets, also those which don’t link to anything.
      Generate separate dot files for each target, and a big one with everything.
      Move the code for generating dot-files into separate class cmGraphVizWriter
      Fix #11421: FindQt3.cmake doesn’t honor the REQUIRED keyword
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Don’t enforce VERBOSE makefiles for the CodeBlocks generator
      Remove the “early alpha stage” comments about Eclipse and C::B
      Don’t disable colors in the CodeBlocks generator and minor cleanup.
      Some more fixes for nasm support, from Etienne (#10069)
      Enable/disable generating graphs depending on the target type
      Use std::cout instead of fprintf
      Collect targets and libs on demand instead of in the ctor
      Exclude targets from the graphviz file based on a regex
      Include CMakeDetermineCompilerId in CMakeDetermineASMCompiler.cmake (#11467)
      Fix typos in the doc
      Add cache var CMAKE_ECLIPSE_MAKE_ARGUMENTS when using the Eclipse generator
      Add ECLIPSE_CDT4_GENERATE_SOURCE_PROJECT as a ADVANCED cache variable (#9631)
      Fix crash in Eclipse generator with empty project (#11616)
      Fix indentation in cmPolicies::ApplyPolicyVersion()
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Prefer files from CMAKE_ROOT when including from CMAKE_ROOT
      Improve documentation and messages for the new CMP0017
      Remove usage of CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR now that we have CMP0017

Alexey Ozeritsky (5):
      FindBLAS works in C/C++ projects without Fortran
      ACML find fixes (issue 0011219)
      find ACML fixes
      fix for Fortran-only projects
      FindLAPACK works with C/C++ only projects (issue 0009976)

Andrius Štikonas (1):
      Modules: Fix spelling ‘becase’ -> ‘because’.

Ben Boeckel (25):
      Fix parsing of cache variables without a type
      Use cmCacheManager to load entries from the cache
      Support manual cache entries
      Condense parsing of cache entries
      Use FPHSA in FindOpenGL
      Ignore strerror_r since CMake isn’t threaded
      Use _POLL_EMUL_H_ instead of HAVE_POLL_FINE
      Rename WorkingDirectory test
      Add WORKING_DIRECTORY argument to add_test
      Add tests for WORKING_DIRECTORY arg to add_test
      Rename the project to match the test
      Fix header includes for C++ and Visual Studio
      Add ctype.h include for toupper()
      Flip slashes around on Windows
      Use –><– markers to denote the path
      Simplify the _default_cwd derivation
      Only test the default cwd with Makefiles
      Group adding tests with its properties
      Fully specify the path to old-signature add_test
      Use iostream to make Borland happy
      Check for poll when looking for _POLL_EMUL_H_
      Toss out strerror_r macros
      Fix missed _POLL_EMUL_H_ and HAVE_POLL combo
      Make TestsWorkingDirectory test a C file
      Pass the expected value as the first argument

Bill Hoffman (17):
      Fixes for the OSF operating system build.
      Add a fix for the inline keyword on the osf os.
      Add a “Contract” test for VTK.  The test downloads and builds VTK.
      Fix contract test so it is not hard coded to the vtk542 test.
      Fix incremental linking for VS2010 with nmake or make.
      Change cpack run and verify script to work with multi-config generators.
      Fix vs2010 project generation error when HEADER_FILE_ONLY is set.
      Add more documentation for LANGUAGE property.
      Add flags to resource builds on vs 2010 with a test.
      Disable incremental testing for this test, it crashes vs9 linker.
      Only run resource test for MSVC compilers.
      Add support for windows resources with mingw/msys.
      Add support for windres to cygwin.
      Add testing for windows resources for mingw/msys/cygwin and remove for watcom.
      Enable resource building with the intel compiler on windows.
      Add support for source files in custom targets for VS 10 (Bug#11330).
      Change the nightly tests to build from the nightly branch and not next.

Brad King (90):
      Store direct dependencies in solutions for VS >= 8
      BUG: Fix compiler flag test for non-English MSVC (#11336)
      Document custom command behavior without DEPENDS (#11407)
      Consolidate duplicate link rule make dependency code
      Define LINK_DEPENDS target property (#11406)
      KWSys: Teach SystemInformation about WinXP Pro and Win7
      Fix Intel .vfproj SubSystem attribute values
      Set Intel .vfproj RuntimeLibrary attribute
      Create Fortran info variables for .mod behavior
      Teach CMake about Cray C, C++, and Fortran compilers
      Speedup find_* commands (#11412)
      Prefer non-empty prefixes when matching lib names (#11468)
      Record edge type in global dependency graph
      Use modern global dependency graph for VS < 8 deps
      Allow add_dependencies() on imported targets (#10395)
      Pass Mac linker flag through PGI compiler using “-Wl,”
      Modernize FindITK module (#11494)
      Fix find_* argument parsing crash (#11513)
      Skip VS <= 7.1 dependency analysis for VS >= 8
      Enable 64-bit tools with VS 2010 Express (#9981, #10722)
      KWSys: Associate installed library with an EXPORT
      Fix try_compile RemoveFile anti-virus loop (#11503)
      Fix Fortran .mod timestamps with Cray compiler
      Make Fortran $ targets not .PHONY
      Honor custom command dependencies on imported targets (#10395)
      Improve signature of cmLocalGenerator::GetRealDependency
      Skip file-level dependencies on custom targets (#11332)
      Simplify VS generator ConstructScript interface
      Factor out common custom command generator
      Remove cmLocalGenerator::GetRealLocation
      KWSys: Remove realpath from SystemTools::GetPath (#10335)
      Fix parallel “make install” of CMake itself
      CTest: Fix ctest_sleep documentation (#11554)
      Fix soname in cross-compiled targets with Mac host (#11547)
      Detect object files in implicit link information
      Allow Fortran platform files to set empty values
      Recognize the NAG Fortran compiler
      Add NAG Fortran compiler information files
      FortranCInterface: Recognize NAG Fortran module symbols
      Remove unused variable “rootdir” in VS generators
      Avoid msbuild idiosyncrasy that builds multiple configs (#11594)
      Remove unused parameter “root” in some VS generator methods
      Fix dependency tracing of INSTALL and PACKAGE (#11598)
      Remove unused GLOBAL_TARGET generation code
      KWSys: Use EXPORT name only if installing library
      Write full version into try_compile CMakeLists
      KWSys: Do not mangle UNC paths in ConvertToUnixOutputPath (#10206)
      Normalize add_custom_command OUTPUT names (#10485)
      Make link rule depend on “.def” file (#11014)
      Document target_link_libraries target scope (#11058)
      Record backtrace in cmCustomCommand
      Factor generator expression docs out of add_test
      Factor per-config sample targets out of ‘Testing’ test
      Optionally suppress errors in cmGeneratorExpression
      Record set of targets used in cmGeneratorExpression
      Introduce “generator expression” syntax to custom commands (#11209)
      CTest: Fix test DEPEND cycle detection
      Make Intel defines consistent with MSVC on Windows (#9904)
      CTest: Fix line-too-long style in DEPEND cycle error
      Detect Fortran target architecture on Windows
      Modernize Intel compiler info on Windows
      Remove unused old-style g++ info file
      CheckCCompilerFlag: Strict signature of ‘main’ (#11615)
      Warn in find(GLOB) docs about bad use case (#11617)
      Remove call to SystemTools::GetMaximumFilePathLength
      Xcode: Generate native 3.2 projects
      Declare min CMake version in –system-information project
      Cygwin: Fix tests to check CYGWIN instead of WIN32
      Cygwin: Do not define ‘WIN32’ (#10122)
      Revert “Remove unused parameter “root” in some VS generator methods”
      Revert “Avoid msbuild idiosyncrasy that builds multiple configs” (#11633)
      Avoid msbuild “.\” idiosyncrasy that builds multiple configs (#11594)
      Mark CustomCommand test perconfig.out as SYMBOLIC
      CTest: Factor out duplicate Git author/committer code
      KWSys: Avoid buffer overflow in SystemInformation (#11018)
      Fix sentence break in add_test documentation
      Pass Mac linker flag through all compilers with -Wl,
      KWSys: Avoid passing string literal as char*
      Avoid passing string literal to char* type
      Fix constness in compiler id detection
      Build enable_language command during bootstrap
      Map multiple /FI flags for VS < 10 (#11649)
      KWSys: Remove useless include <sys/procfs.h> (#11648)
      Allow users to specify defaults for unset policies
      ccmake: Use LSB 4.0 curses API conditionally
      CTest: Do not truncate UTF-8 test output too early (#10656)
      ccmake: Use LSB 4.0 getmaxyx conditionally
      Allow platform files to set large archive rules (#11674)
      Document reading LOCATION early as undefined (#11671)
      Document reading LOCATION_<CONFIG> early as undefined (#11671)

Brian Bassett (1):
      VS: Fix linking of Fortran-only DLL projects (#10803)

Campbell Barton (1):
      Honor RULE_MESSAGES property for build target messages

Chuck Atkins (1):
      CTest: Teach launcher to ignore empty/no-op make commands

Clinton Stimpson (11):
      Fix regex for moc includes when looking for frameworks.
      cmake-gui: use BundleUtilities in place of custom script.
      Fix regression in 2dae2f1 which added find of Qt imports dir.
      Force cmake to run again when qrc dependency scanning needs to happen.
      Fix regression to allow specifying a CMakeCache.txt file on the command line.
      BundleUtilities: only do rpath strip on copied prerequisites.
      Fix build issues cross compiling with static Qt.
      CTest: multiple ctest_test calls w/LABEL regexs (#11487)
      cmake-gui: always enable generate button.
      allow absolute paths for dbus interface.
      Add support for using static/dynamic Qt plugins.

Craig Scott (1):
      ccmake: Port for LSB 4.0 (#11648)

Dave Abrahams (1):
      FindPerlLibs: Fix for Mac locally applied patches

David Cole (31):
      Add a contract test for building the CSE.
      Enable overriding contract test timeout values.
      Update tag in the Contracts/cse-snapshot test.
      Make HTML test fail when –nonet arg is not available.
      Begin post-2.8.3 development
      No CMake.HTML test if xmllint has no –nonet.
      Suppress “loop was vectorized” “warnings.”
      Add contract test for Trilinos 10.6.1 snapshot.
      Honor FOLDER on include_external_msproject targets (#11436)
      Correct misspelling in error message text.
      BundleUtilities: error if fixup_bundle_item called on non-embedded item
      VS10: stop build on custom command error (#11533)
      CPack: look for makensis in the PATH (#8210)
      VS10: avoid warning, no nologo when verbose (#10587)
      Use m prefix in shorttag value to indicate “md5 of tarball”
      Establish pass criteria for the Trilinos contract test.
      Suppress erroneous warnings from Intel compiler
      Avoid running CMake.Install test simultaneously with other tests
      VS10: Finish Midl support (#11461)
      Prohibit space in HOME value for VSMidl test.
      KWSys: Fix CPU speed calculations (#9963)
      KWSys: Retrieve QNX specific memory and processor info (#11329)
      Improve build error detection.
      VSMidl Test: Use correct include_directories with VS6 (#11461)
      Add PATH_SUFFIXES for finding git.
      ExternalProject: Avoid bleed-through output when logging.
      Fix WOW64 registry mode on Windows 2000 (#10759)
      ExternalProject: Replace location tags in CMAKE_CACHE_ARGS
      CPack: Detect more URLs in CPACK_NSIS_MENU_LINKS (#10644)
      KWSys: Fix WOW64 registry mode on Windows 2000 (#10759)
      CPack: Add CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT variable (#9148)

Eric NOULARD (13):
      CPackRPM  add basic component support to CPackRPM
      CPack  fix kwstyle breakage and make CPackRPM backward compatible
      CPack backward compatibility fix 2.8.3-2.8.2 (bug 11452)
      CPack Fix KWStyle error
      CPack Honor CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL at CPack time too
      CPack  use IsOn when it’s better than IsSet
      CPackRPM fix bug 0011595 : Can’t generate RPMs (on FC11…)
      CPack new tests for component install
      CPack  Default component test for ZIP should be OK
      CPackTest spit out more output in case of failure
      Arrange output in a better way
      Precise the project config type when invoking cpack
      CPackSTGZ  quote here-doc, fix bug10518

Kai Wasserbäch (1):
      FindTCL: Fix TCL and TK version variable references (#11528)

Marcus D. Hanwell (5):
      BUG 11451 – pass CMAKE_EXTRA_GENERATOR down.
      Added CMAKE_CACHE_ARGS to ExternalProject.
      Escape file write expansion, and build up lists.
      Fixed bug where last entry would be lost.
      Python additional version support, bug #10279.

Matthias Kretz (1):
      Inline help in vim with vertical split.

Mike McQuaid (6):
      Fix incorrect variable documentation (#11127)
      Add variable for InstallRequiredSystemLibraries dir (#11140)
      InstallRequiredSystemLibraries debug-only (#11141)
      Allow NSIS package or uninstall icon (#11143)
      Add CPack NSIS MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN support (#11144)

Philip Lowman (8):
      11363: FindBoost.cmake fails to find debug libraries in tagged layout install
      11429: FindGTK2 does not find libraries built for Visual Studio 2010
      11430: FindBullet doesn’t find header files installed by Bullet >= 2.77
      11384: FindCxxTest now includes test code in VS project
      [patch] Add Boost 1.45 to search, simplify a check removing VERSION_LESS
      Add Boost 1.46
      Fix spelling BOOST_LIBRARYDIR message. Add error for common misspellings.
      Lowercase all function names and improve consistency

Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      allow STRING(SUBSTRING) work with length -1 as “rest of the string”
      Add the WORKING_DIRECTORY property to tests

Wojciech Migda (1):
      Recognize the Texas Instruments DSP compiler (#11645)

Yaakov Selkowitz (2):
      Cygwin: Use ‘cyg’ prefix for module DLLs (#10122)
      Cygwin: Fix release script libncurses search patterns (#10766)

Zach Mullen (4):
      Remove debugging message from parallel ctest
      CTest git update should pass the committer as well as the author
      Support explicitly set test costs in non-parallel testing.
      Test TIMEOUT property explicitly set to zero should be honored

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