CMake 2.8.6-rc1 ready for testing!

August 26, 2011

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.6 has entered the release candidate stage! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

One bug already found in rc1: the file “cmake.m4” is installed in “hare/aclocal” instead of “share/aclocal” — this is fixed in CMake ‘next’ already, and the fix will be available in “-rc2” next week.

This release candidate we do not have pre-built binaries for the SunOS anymore. As mentioned on the CMake mailing list recently, our Sun hardware has bitten the proverbial dust.

However, we are now providing two sets of installers for the Mac. The “Darwin” versions are for Mac OSX 10.4 and later, and are “ppc;i386” universal binaries. The “Darwin64” versions are for 10.6 and later, and are “x86_64;i386” universal binaries.

Following is the list of changes in this release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.


Happy building!


Changes in CMake 2.8.6-rc1 (since 2.8.5)
Aaron C. Meadows (1):
      FindSubversion: Invoke svn non-interactively (#12304)

Alex Neundorf (92):
      Add a switch to disable a find_package() call completely
      Add documentation for the CMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_<Name> switch
      Add a basic test for CMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_<package>
      Add macros cmake_push/pop_check_state() as discussed on the list.
      Fix copyright notice test
      Add CheckCXXSymbolExists.cmake, so this can be used also for C++
      Minor fix to try_compile() docs (#12333)
      Fix #12342: Add APPEND_STRING option to set_property()
      Extend FeatureSummary: add PURPOSE of package and TYPE
      FeatureSummary.cmake: remove “comment” field
      FeatureSummary.cmake: add INCLUDE_QUIET_PACKAGES keyword
      FeatureSummary.cmake: error out when a REQUIRED package is missing
      FeatureSummary.cmake: only higher TYPEs can override previous TYPEs
      FeatureSummary.cmake: cosmetics
      FeatureSummary.cmake: update documentation
      Remove debug output from CheckSymbolExists
      Don’t put files from CMAKE_ROOT into CodeBlocks projects (#12110)
      More PATH_SUFFIXES for finding Postgresql and also search catalog/pg_type.h
      Use FPHSA(), remove unnecessary stuff and don’t recommend link_directories()
      Mark the results from find() as advanced
      FindPostgreSQL: fix PATH_SUFFIXES, better output for FPHSA
      Strip trailing whitespace
      FindGIF/FindFreetype.cmake: remove standard search paths from find-calls
      FindGif: add giflib4 as one more name for the library under Windows
      Add basic version check for giflib
      Patch by Campbell Barton: puts definitions into C::B project file
      Remove useless line of code
      Also put builtin include dirs into CodeBlocks project file
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Also search for libxkbfile, XSync and SM include dir
      Provide macro write_basic_config_version_file()
      Add example to documentation
      Add some tests for write_basic_config_version_file()
      Fix copyright notice
      Really fix copyright notice
      Set UNSUITABLE instead of not COMPATIBLE
      Improve documentation for WriteBasicConfigVersionFile.cmake
      Support REQUIRED in FindGettext.cmake (using FPHSA.cmake)
      Fix #12358: make optionally enabling ASM work again
      Start work on automoc: add empty cmQtAutomoc class
      Start implementing skeleton for automoc in cmake
      Add actual automoc code from automoc
      Remove the need to check for .h/.cxx during buildtime
      Add the cmake module required currently for automoc
      Add AUTOMOC to the add_library() command
      Fix line lengths
      Move code for parsing a cpp-file from the big loop to separate function
      Initialize verbose based onb the env.var.
      Color output when running moc
      Add the generated automoc.cpp file to the cleaned files
      Use cout instead of printf()
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Refactor SetupAutomocTarget() so it can be run after creating the target
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Move automoc processing from add_executable/library to cmGlobalGenerator
      Nicer progress message for the automoc target
      Add a test for automoc
      Add documentation for AUTOMOC, add initialization via CMAKE_AUTOMOC
      Fix logic which decides when to execute automoc test
      Automoc.cmake is not needed anymore
      Fix build: non-void function must return a value
      Fix warnings
      Fix bootstrap test with automoc
      Only enable the automoc test after checking that Qt4 works
      Fix build: use std::ios::out|ios::trunc instead of std::ios_base::out
      Silence warning in automoc: use long instead of int
      Fix automoc with VS builds: apply patch from Bill
      Make clLocalGenerator::GetTargetFlags() public
      Add find-package mode, which does nothing yet
      Implement find-package mode of cmake
      Replace cmake::GetScriptMode() with GetWorkingMode()
      Fix copyright notice in new CMakeFindPackageMode.cmake
      Better support for lib64 and Debian multiarch
      Use the file-utility to test for 64bit if there is no /usr/lib64
      Add a cmake.m4 for using cmake in autoconf projects instead of pkgconfig
      Improve documentation for –find-package mode
      Add a test for the new –find-package mode
      Only run the test if we are using a makefile generator under UNIX
      The makefile for the test was kindof wrong
      Fix test on OpenBSD with BSD make
      Rename helper macros print_compile_flags() to set_compile_flags_var()
      Dont check for -isysroot and -mmacosx-version on OSX in –find-package mode
      Disable any STATUS output in –find-package mode
      Much improved test, should now be executed on all UNIXes
      Make the –find-package test harder
      Make the test harder by always having a space in the include dirs
      Only enable the test when using GNU make
      Fix line length
      Use $(CXXFLAGS) and $(LDFLAGS) in the –find-package test Makefile
      Require the current cmake version in –find-package mode
      Fix –find-package mode on Cygwin, where enable_language(RC) is called

Alexey Ozeritsky (5):
      fixed: search of acml libraries
      gotoblas supported
      ACML-GPU supported
      ACML-GPU supportede
      fixed: search of ATLAS library for C/C++-only projects

Andreas Schneider (6):
      FindJava: Find missing java development executables.
      Modules: Added CMake Java support.
      Tests: Java tests should test UseJava.cmake
      Tests: Check for the new Java exeutable variables.
      Java: Use set_property/get_property for target variables.
      Java: Fix documentation format and indentation

Arnaud Gelas (1):
      Search for the ASPELL executable

Bill Hoffman (5):
      Only pay for unused variable checking if it is on.
      Initial support for Intel Fortran VS2010.
      Fix custom commands in VS2010 Fortran projects using CFG_INTDIR and test.
      Use MSBuild when devenv is not around, since VCExpress seems broken.
      Fix for bug #12413, nmake did not handle targets with + in the name.

Brad King (13):
      MinGW: Remove old workaround and use native echo (#12283)
      Document caveat of custom commands in multiple targets (#12311)
      cmSystemTools: Remove trailing whitespace
      RunSingleCommand: Fix indentation
      RunSingleCommand: Avoid assignment in condition
      Documentation: WIN32 not defined on Cygwin (#12334)
      KWSys: Simplify SystemTools::GetTime implementation (#12261)
      KWSys: Avoid conversion warning in SystemTools::GetTime
      KWSys: Fix using long long and __int64 with hash_(set|map)
      KWSys: __int64 and long long may be same type in specialization
      XL: Fix old VisualAge branding of Fortran compiler
      Do not crash when an imported target depends on a missing target
      Fix CHECK_(C|CXX)_COMPILER_FLAG for Clang (#12394)

Clinton Stimpson (5):
      Add -DQT_NO_DEBUG if no build type is specified so Qt plugins will work.
      Add qt4/QtCore to help find Qt headers when cross-compiling.
      Qt4: Fix reference of undefined variable when detecting frameworks on Mac OS X
      Remove C compiler requirement from FindQt4.cmake
      CPack/NSIS: Fix reinstall and multiple install issues when using components.

David Cole (26):
      Begin post-2.8.5 development
      Fix Architecture test to work with Xcode 4
      Fix BuildDepends test to work with Xcode 4
      Base architecture choice logic on Xcode version
      Use correct default multiple architecture values in test
      Add use of EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME to generated Xcode projects.
      Correct KWStyle line too long error
      Add fail regex to detect supported warning flags correctly.
      Add support for Visual Studio project-specific globals (#8707)
      Fix machine-specific UpdateGIT test failures
      Ensure libgmp-10.dll is in the PATH for CMakeTestAllGenerators
      Watcom: Add -c flag to wlib calls (#12245)
      Add Watcom support to InstallRequiredSystemLibraries (#11866)
      Watcom: Use correct args for execute_process call (#11866)
      CTest: print failed tests in index order (#11746)
      Fix line too long style violation
      Documentation: Fix comments in the source code (#10941)
      Add more find_path locations for DCMTK header files (#12323)
      VS9: Add include_directories to midl command lines
      KWSys: Remove translation path for “/tmp_mnt/” (#10595)
      VS10: Avoid unnecessary rebuilds for custom commands
      QtAutomoc test: Pass QT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE
      QtAutomoc: Eliminate compiler warning
      CheckSymbolExists: Use IMMEDIATE flag for configure_file (#11333)
      Xcode: Suppress same-old warning again.
      Xcode: Save object id values in CMakeCache.txt (#11690)

Johan Björk (5):
      Xcode: Remove PREBINDING attribute for Xcode 4 and above
      RunSingleCommand: Replace verbose boolean with enum
      RunSingleCommand: Add a OUTPUT_NORMAL flag.
      Xcode: Quote ‘,’ in Xcode string values (#12259)
      Xcode: Rearrange CMakeReRun to enable parallel builds

Matej Hribernik (2):
      VS: Factor Find64BitTools out of Win64 generator to parent
      Add VisualStudio 9 and 10 generators for Itanium platform

Modestas Vainius (1):
      multiarch: Treat lib/<arch> as implicit link dir (#12326)

Oliver Buchtala (3):
      Java: Create java_class_filelist only if it does’t exist.
      Java: Added some dependency magic to avoid recompilations.
      Java: Create correct jar archive dependencies.

Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      remove extra output message from FindJava.cmake
      FindThreads: Try pthreads with no special option first (#11333)

Steven Velez (1):
      VS10: Add SCC support

Todd Gamblin (2):
      Try regular compiler when no MPI compiler.
      Fix issues with removing try_compile input file.

Will Dicharry (1):
      Added HDF5 high level Fortran bindings to available components.

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