CMake 2.8.7-rc1 ready for testing!

December 8, 2011

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.7 has entered the release candidate stage!

You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • improved Eclipse support
  • incremental improvements to the AUTOMOC feature added in the previous release
  • more cryptographic hash implementations (SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  • file(…) and string(…) command additions for computing hash values
  • added LINK_PUBLIC and LINK_PRIVATE options to target_link_libraries command
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

Similar to the previous release, we do not have pre-built binaries for the SunOS anymore. However, now we have two sets of installers for the Mac. The “Darwin” versions are for Mac OSX 10.4 and later, and are “ppc;i386” universal binaries. The “Darwin64” versions are for 10.6 and later, and are “x86_64;i386” universal binaries.

Following is the complete list of changes in this release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.


Happy building!



Changes in CMake 2.8.7-rc1 (since 2.8.6)
Aaron Ten Clay (1):
      VS: Add support for three new project properties (#12586)

Alex Neundorf (60):
      fix #12392: handle CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_ARG1 for Eclipse projects
      fix #12262: use the C dependency scanner also for ASM files
      fix #12465: detect the masm compiler ID (“MSVC”)
      Silence make on OpenBSD in FindPackageModeTest(#12508)
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Find Ruby on OpenBSD when installed from ports (#12507)
      Eclipse generator: detect Eclipse version
      Detect whether the current Eclipse version supports VirtualFolders
      Eclipse: don’t create VirtualFolders if not supported
      Eclipse: better message when Eclipse version could not be determined
      automoc:run moc on the header if the source file contains include “foo.moc”
      Add copyright notices
      automoc: always run moc on the cpp file if there is a foo.moc included
      Eclipse: add virtual folder for each target
      Eclipse: move code for generating links to projects into separate function
      Eclipse: move code for generating links to targets into separate function
      Eclipse: add Build and Clean targets to targets
      Eclipse: detect number of CPUs, set CMAKE_ECLIPSE_MAKE_ARGUMENTS accordigly
      Eclipse: fix #12417, don’t create wrong src pathentries
      FindLibXslt: also search libexslt and xsltproc
      don’t crash in automoc with empty COMPILE_DEFINITIONS property
      Automoc: fix the fix, need to use std::string, not just char* pointer
      automoc: fix #12541, support moc options
      add documentation for the AUTOMOC_MOC_OPTIONS property
      Eclipse: warn if CMAKE_BINARY_DIR is subdir of CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR
      Eclipse: make targets work from any directory
      Eclipse: quote the build dir (to make it work with spaces)
      make automoc work when using ccmake via PATH (#12551)
      Strip trailing whitespace
      -make GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES() work with files with multiple dots
      FindGettext: two more fixes for files with multiple dots
      FindPNG: provide PNG_INCLUDE_DIRS, as the readme.txt says (#11312)
      Eclipse: create links to subprojects also in the source-project (#12579)
      Eclipse: use new variable CMAKE_ECLIPSE_GENERATE_SOURCE_PROJECT
      install(EXPORT): Enforce existence of imported target files
      Remove trailing whitespace
      cmake-gui: add completion for the names when adding cache entries
      automoc: stricter checking for what file is included
      automoc: rework the checking for the matching header, to give better warnings
      automoc: handle the case when the developer includes the wrong mocfile
      automoc: add more test cases
      automoc: improved diagnostics
      automoc: minor optimization
      automoc: another runtime optimization
      Automoc: modified handling of included .moc files
      automoc: add a test for including both abc.moc and moc_abc.cpp
      automoc: add test for including the moc file from another header
      automoc: add test for including a moc_abc_p.cpp file
      automoc: move some code from the big parsing loop into separate functions
      automoc: add special handling for including basename_p.moc, with test
      automoc: add extra check whether the header contains Q_PRIVATE_SLOT
      automoc: some more linebreaks for the warnings for better readability
      automoc: fix handling of included _p.moc files
      automoc: move the code for finding headers into separate function
      automoc: add a StrictParseCppFile(), which is only qmake-compatible
      automoc: also accept other files when .moc is included in non-strict mode
      automoc: accept even more .moc files in non-strict mode
      automoc: add variable CMAKE_AUTOMOC_STRICT_MODE, to enable strict parsing
      automoc: fix line length
      automoc: add documentation for CMAKE_AUTOMOC_STRICT_MODE

Alexey Ozeritsky (1):
      FindLAPACK: Fix linking to static LAPACK on Unix (#12477)

Bernhard Walle (1):
      Source/cmCTest.cxx: Add missing newline (#12538)

Brad King (65):
      Refactor find_* command final path list computation
      Constify XCode generator getters to match cmGlobalGenerator
      Fix line-too-long style violations
      KWSys: Fix Doxygen warnings
      Add pre-commit|commit-msg|prepare-commit-msg hook placeholders
      pre-commit: Reject changes to KWSys through Git
      Fix CTest.UpdateSVN with Subversion 1.7 (#12535)
      Teach CTest.UpdateSVN to detect svn add –depth before using it
      KWSys: Address Intel compiler remarks
      Fix linking to OS X Frameworks named with spaces (#12550)
      Watcom: Use shortpath to CMake if full path has parens (#12548)
      KWSys: Remove trailing whitespace in SystemTools.cxx
      KWSys: Fix wrong spelling of __INTEL_COMPILER
      Update main Copyright.txt year range for 2011
      KWIML: The Kitware Information Macro Library
      Configure KWIML inside CMake as cmIML
      KWIML: Avoid redefining _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE in test.h
      KWIML: Suppress printf/scanf format warnings in test
      KWIML: No INT_SCN*8 on SunPro compiler
      KWIML: No INT_SCN*8 on Intel for Windows
      KWIML: Create test output dir for Xcode
      Order VS local generator Version ivar values consistently
      Enumerate VS11 version explicitly in local generators
      KWIML: Test header inclusion after system headers
      KWIML: Ignore _LONGLONG on MS compiler
      KWIML: Teach ABI.h about PGI compiler
      KWIML: Avoid MSVC linker warning about not using C++ runtime
      Factor Compute(File|String)MD5 into cmCryptoHash helper
      Add file(MD5) command to compute cryptographic hash
      Import sha2 implementation 1.0 from Aaron D. Gifford
      Import sha2 implementation 1.1 from Aaron D. Gifford
      sha2: Use KWIML fixed-size integer types and endian-ness
      sha2: Build as part of CMakeLib
      Add file(SHA*) commands to compute cryptographic hashes
      sha2: Use “static const” instead of “const static” declarations
      cmCryptoHash: Provide factory “New” method
      Add string(MD5) and string(SHA*) commands to compute hashes
      sha2: Use KWIML fixed-size integer constant macros
      sha2: Suppress Borland warnings in third-party code
      Disable file() and string() hash commands during bootstrap
      sha2: Wrap long lines in third-party declarations
      Fix CMake.File hash test for CRLF checkouts
      cmCryptoHash: Add virtual destructor
      sha2: Cast safe conversions to smaller integer types
      sha2: Suppress -Wcast-align warning from Clang
      sha2: Zero entire SHA_CTX structure during cleanup
      target_link_libraries: Add missing space in documentation
      target_link_libraries: Simplify argument processing state tests
      install(EXPORT): Improve target import failure message format
      Remove trailing whitespace from cmLocalGenerator
      bootstrap: Include cmNewLineStyle in build
      cmNewLineStyle: Remove trailing comma in enum
      cmNewLineStyle: Use cmStandardIncludes.h
      Provide std::ios_base typedef on GCC < 3
      FindZLIB: Search under ZLIB_ROOT if it is set
      Factor out target location undefined behavior helper macro
      export(): Document undefined behavior of location properties
      Recognize the Tiny C Compiler (#12605)
      TinyCC: Add compiler info for shared libs on Linux (#12605)
      Fortran: Detect pointer size in gfortran on MinGW
      Load platform files that need to know the ABI when possible
      Factor makefile generator link rule lookup into helper function
      Add CMAKE_GNUtoMS option to convert GNU .dll.a to MS .lib
      Test CMAKE_GNUtoMS option in ExportImport on MinGW and MSys
      cmTarget: Create helper method for versioned library names

Clinton Stimpson (2):
      Fix XML safety issue with adding preprocessor defines in CodeBlocks project.
      Qt4: Fix dependencies of QtDeclartive.

Dan Kegel (1):
      Modules: Add XRes to FindX11.cmake

David Cole (17):
      Begin post-2.8.6 development
      CTest: Fix crash when variables are not defined
      VS11: Fix comment generated at the top of *.sln files
      CTest: Add COVERAGE_EXTRA_FLAGS cache variable (#12490)
      CTest: Clear custom vectors before populating (#12383)
      Tests: Add the MFC test (#11213)
      Tests: Avoid MFC test automatically for VCExpress builds (#11213)
      Tests: Fix MFC test w/ Make-based generators (#11213)
      Tests: Fix MFC test for old vs6 dashboards (#11213)
      Tests: Avoid MFC test automatically for Watcom WMake builds (#11213)
      Tests: Fix MFC test to work with VS 10 and later (#11213)
      VS10: Use expected values for UseOfMfc (#11213)
      Tests: Add environment logging to the MFC test (#11213)
      VS11: Update InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake for VS11 (#11213)
      Tests: Nudge MFC test to pass on VS 6 dashboards (#11213)
      VS: Use “call ” keyword with .cmd and .bat file custom commands (#12445)
      CTest: Disallow problem chars in build and site names (#11792)

Eric NOULARD (3):
      CPackRPM support component specific variables for spec files
      Fix old reference to CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM inside CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL doc.
      CPackRPM fix #12556 and enhance documentation

James Bigler (6):
      Added support for CUDA_PATH which is present in the CUDA toolkit 3.2 onward.
      Reset dependency file list when a dependency disappeared.
      Add work around for CUDA in UNC paths.
      Fixes for handling quotes in args and other places (Fix Bug 11726 and 12099).
      Make CUDA working directory unique for each target.
      Miscellaneous fixes.

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):
      CTest: Look for CTestConfig.cmake in build dir first, then source dir

Johan Bjork (1):
      Xcode: Avoid spewing the environment on every script run (#12522)

Mateusz Loskot (1):
      FindBoost: Use MSVC11 to find Boost on Windows (#12568)

Mathieu Malaterre (1):
      TinyCC: Add default compilation flags (#12605)

Mike McQuaid (6):
      Add QT_LIBRARIES_PLUGINS variable to UseQt4.
      Add DeployQt4 module.
      Match fixup_qt4_executable with documentation.
      Don’t resolve directories; are never relative.
      Check plugin variables are defined before warning.
      Check QtCore without warning.

Nicolas Despres (17):
      Refactor TargetTypeNames.
      Add const versions of some getters.
      Constify many getters of cmGlobalGenerator.
      Remove trailing white-spaces.
      Fix typo.
      Doxygen: Improve code documentation.
      Doxygen: Generate call graph and relationships.
      Doxygen: Fix warnings.
      Doxygen: Remove dependency on VTK when building doxygen.
      Usage: Document -j|–parallel option in help message.
      Usage: Document all options printing usage information.
      Usage: Document all options printing the version number.
      Usage: Print help, version and copyright options in usage information.
      Usage: Add missing exepath argument in get_prerequisites documentation.
      ccmake: Align ‘g’ and ‘q’ key instructions.
      ccmake: Document ‘/’ key.
      ccmake: Factor toggle key help instructions.

Niels Dekker (1):
      Fix CMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE for VS10 vcxproj files (#12504)

Ondrej Balaz (1):
      FindBISON: Fix bison++ version parsing to avoid “Offending entry”

Peter Collingbourne (4):
      Make cmLocalGenerator::ConvertToLinkReference virtual
      Introduce a cmLocalGenerator::ConvertToIncludeReference function
      Introduce a cmGlobalGenerator::ResolveLanguageCompiler function
      Fix configuration-dependent flag lookup in cmLocalGenerator::GetTargetFlags

Peter Kuemmel (1):
      Add NEWLINE_STYLE option to configure_file (#3957)

Philip Lowman (1):
      FindProtoBuf: Documented limitation of the public macro

Pierre-Francois Laquerre (1):
      Fix path quoting in Qt4 macros

Robert Dailey (1):
      VS: Add VS_SCC_AUXPATH target property (#12549)

Rolf Eike Beer (4):
      libarchive: fix typo in CheckFileOffsetBits.cmake
      Tell people that link_directories() is not what they are searching for
      FindBISON: Fix matching output of “bison –version”
      Tests: ExternalProject: Remove unnecessary ‘svn –version’ call

Stephen Kelly (13):
      Add features from KDE for arguments to qdbusxml2cpp.
      Remove unused define.
      Build each library only once instead of once for each test.
      Initialize LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES target property with a variable
      Also run moc automatically with Qt5.
      Fix typo.
      Don’t assume the existence of QT_MAJOR_VERSION.
      Update comments and method names to not be Qt4 specific.
      Fix style.
      target_link_libraries: Trim trailing whitespace
      target_link_libraries: Add LINK_(PUBLIC|PRIVATE) options
      moc is now part of the Qt5Core module
      Add a test case for the use of Q_PRIVATE_SLOT.

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