CMake 2.8.9 is Now Available!

August 9, 2012

On behalf of the Kitware team and global CMake community, we are pleased to announce the release of CMake 2.8.9. There are several significant developments and enhancements with this release, including the new, default-enabled Ninja generator; a position-independent code target property, and MUMPS coverage support in CTest.

The Ninja generator is a replacement for Make, and uses all cores in a machine to enable faster builds by maximizing the ability to parallelize the build code. This is now enabled by default on Linux, Mac, and Windows. To see how this is leveraged for a dashboard machine, you can look at our CMake dashboard scripts. 

The position-independent code target property automatically adds -fPIC and -fPIE compiler flags for compilers that require it when building static libraries, which makes it easy to avoid adding platform specifics to your CMakeLists.

Lastly, the MUMPS programming language now has coverage tools, with added support in CTest to include GTM and Cache. This is already in use by the OSEHRA community.

In addition to the above changes, there were many other improvements that can be seen in the change log. To get involved with CMake, download the latest release on the download page, join the mailing lists, and provide feedback through the bug tracker.

For a more detailed discussion of the CMake 2.8.9 release, please visit and watch the release webinar.


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