CMake 2.8.9-rc1 ready for testing!

June 22, 2012

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.9 has entered the release candidate stage!

You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • the new Ninja generator is now enabled by default on Windows
  • added POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE target property, automatically adds -fPIC and -fPIE for compilers that require it
  • added MUMPS coverage support to ctest, including GTM and Cache
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

The bug tracker change log page for this version is at:

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the last release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.



Changes in CMake 2.8.9-rc1 (since 2.8.8)
Alex Neundorf (12):
      -fix #13081: support OBJECT libraries in CodeBlocks/QtCreator projects
      CodeBlocks: improve support for OBJECT libraries
      fix #13195: avoid multiple mentions of found packages
      FeatureSummary.cmake: nicer formatting
      -strip trailing whitespace
      make default install component name configurable
      write_basic_package_version_file() now works with unset CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID_P
      add test for #13241: empty SIZEOF_VOIDP in write_basic_package_version_file
      ASM compiler detection: remove debug output (#13270)
      Eclipse: parallel build also for “Build project” #13287
      automoc: better error handling (#13299)

Anthony J. Bentley (1):
      FindwxWidgets: Do not use -isystem on OpenBSD (#13219)

Ben Boeckel (2):
      Don’t put legacy variables back into the cache
      Search for other ABIFLAGS builds of Python

Bill Hoffman (15):
      Add support to ctest for GTM mumps coverage.
      Fix warning about char* instead of const char*.
      Fix line length.
      Add test for mumps coverage. Also refactor code to prepare for cache coverage.
      Add virutal destructor to silence warning.
      Add support for Cache coverage.
      Fix some warnings and a bug where it went past the length of a vector.
      Use a script to run the test because WORKING_DIRECTORY is not in 2.8.2.
      Use <TARGET_FILE> expression to run ctest so it works with Xcode and VS IDE.
      Add ability to specify more than one package directory or coverage directory.
      Remove uncovered files from cache coverage data.
      Disable bullseye coverage for mumps coverage test.
      Update test data to match new coverage format.
      Do not try to run bullseye coverage if COVFILE env is empty.
      CDash now supports lots of files in coverage. So, show all files.

Brad King (59):
      Add LICENSE and NOTICE
      Add ‘tips’ script to suggest local configuration
      Add ‘setup-user’ script to configure authorship information
      Add ‘setup-hooks’ script to install local hooks
      Add ‘setup-gerrit’ script to configure Gerrit access
      Add ‘setup-stage’ script to configure topic stage remote
      Add ‘setup-ssh’ script to configure ssh push access
      Add README instructions and sample configuration
      Add and configure developer setup helper scripts
      Exclude from source archives files specific to Git work tree
      Exclude from CMake source archives files specific to Git work tree
      Refactor CMake version handling
      Document behavior of multiple target_link_libraries calls (#13113)
      ctest_coverage: Save/restore LC_ALL around gcov (#13136)
      Cleanup custom command .rule file internal handling
      Factor out custom command .rule file path generation
      VS10: Avoid creating .rule files next to outputs (#13141)
      find_package: Document <package>_FIND_* variables (#13142)
      find_package: Fix components signature documentation (#13142)
      Teach RunCMake tests to allow custom checks
      list: Handle errors on empty lists more gracefully (#13138)
      include_external_msproject: Test TYPE, GUID, PLATFORM options (#13120)
      VS: Fix line-too-long style errors
      libarchive: Avoid ‘inline’ keyword on XL C v6 (#13148)
      Intel: On Windows use /EHsc instead of deprecated /GX (#13163)
      KWSys: Remove DateStamp
      try_compile: Cleanup temporary directories (#13160)
      setup-stage: Optionally reconfigure topic stage
      CTest: Escape MemCheck test output for XML (#13124)
      Documentation: Fix HTML anchor ranges
      Require CMake 2.8.2 or higher to build CMake
      CTest: Simplify environment save/restore
      KWSys: Fix SystemTools environment memory handling (#13156)
      VS10: Refactor custom commands to use WriteSource
      VS10: Simplify vcxproj.filter file generation
      VS10: Convert paths normally unless forced to relative
      VS11: Do not use source path conversion workaround specific to VS 10
      VS10: Generate relative source paths when possible (#12570)
      Intel: On Windows use /RTC1 instead of deprecated /GZ (#13174)
      Test NO_SONAME property (#13155)
      KWSys: Remove dependencies on FundamentalType
      Documentation: Improve HTML section index format
      VS: Restore header files marked as OS X Framework content (#13196)
      VS11: Fix ARM architecture hint typo (#13077)
      Fortran: Follow <>-style includes (#13239)
      bootstrap: Port back to old shells (#13199)
      KWSys: Remove unused environ declaration from SystemTools
      FindBZip2: Search locations in GnuWin32 registry
      cmArchiveWrite: Clear fflags from archive entries
      Makefile: Support directory names containing ‘=’ (#12934)
      libarchive: Avoid ‘inline’ on SunPro < 5.9 (#13277)
      Avoid direct use of std::(o|)stringstream (#13272)
      KWIML: Add interface to report broken integer format macros
      KWIML: Report broken integer format macros on AIX 4.3
      add_library: Allow OBJECT library without dynamic linking (#13289)
      install: Fix FILES_MATCHING on case-sensitive Mac filesystems (#13177)
      Make CTest.UpdateGIT robust to Git safecrlf on Windows
      Do not crash on SHARED library without language (#13324)
      CMakeDetermineCCompiler: Fix typo “_CXX_” -> “_C_” (#13330)

Brian Helba (1):
      Print any evaluated ‘elseif’/’else’ commands in trace mode (#13220)

Charlie Sharpsteen (1):
      Mac: Add guards to CMAKE_FIND_FRAMEWORK and CMAKE_FIND_APPBUNDLE defaults

Clinton Stimpson (1):
      cmake-gui: Wait for configure/generate thread to complete before exiting.

Daniel R. Gomez (6):
      KWSys: Fix hashtable prime list on g++ 2.9 (#13273)
      Tests/IncludeDirectories: Files must end in a newline (#13314)
      Tests/VSGNUFortran: Avoid C++ comment in C code (#13314)
      Tests/Assembler: Assemble and link with same flags (#13314)
      Fix FindPackageMode test Makefile (#13314)
      Avoid string.clear and string.push_back (#13319)

David Cole (12):
      Begin post-2.8.8 development
      ExternalProject: Add missing COMMAND keyword
      ExternalProject: Avoid unnecessary git clones (#12564)
      ExternalProject: Refactor repeated code into function (#12564)
      ExternalProject: Avoid repeated git clone operations (#12564)
      CTest: Modify reg ex so it also works with gcov 4.7 output (#13121)
      BZip2: Remove unnecessary *.bz2 files from CMake source tree
      Ninja: Enable the ninja generator by default on Windows.
      Revert “Millenium update: 79 * (16/9)/(4/3) = 105”
      Ninja: Restructure code to work with the Borland compilers
      Remove unused ivars to eliminate compiler warnings

David Faure (1):
      Abort FindQt4.cmake if Qt 5 is found.

Eric NOULARD (12):
      Use fakeroot for control.tar.gz as well
      Enhancement of bash completion scripts given by Igor Murzov.
      Install editors helper files
      CPack – preserve timestamp for CPACK_INSTALLED_DIRECTORIES. fixes: #0013193
      CPack add easy possibility to warn about CPACK_SET_DESTDIR
      CPack add necessary check to detect/warns/error on ABSOLUTE DESTINATION
      Fix KWStyle warning
      Use CPACK_xxx and CMAKE_xxx in a consistent way.
      CPack allow RPM and DEB generator to be used on OSX.
      Calm down Borland compiler warning about “always true”
      CPackRPM: avoid leakage of RPM directive from one component to another.
      CPackDeb add missing documentation for some CPACK_DEBIAN_xx variables.

Fraser Hutchison (1):
      CPack: Fixed incorrect error log for CPACK_NSIS_MENU_LINKS.

Jan Schaffmeister (1):
      Xcode: Recognize storyboard source files (#13214)

Jim Hague (2):
      libarchive: Avoid trailing , in enum for XL v6 (#13148)
      Workaround IBM XL v6 streams seekg bug (#13149)

Jonathan Klein (1):
      FindBullet: Add missing math library name (#13309)

Joseph Snyder (1):
      Change GT.M Coverage Parser global

Konstantin Tokarev (1):
      [OSX] Fixed undefined symbol when linking CMakeLib into shared library

Kurtis Nusbaum (1):
      Added conditional for the phonon backend plugin.

Leonid Yurchenko (1):
      include_external_msproject: Add TYPE, GUID, PLATFORM options (#13120)

Mario Bensi (1):
      Add FindLibLZMA Module

Mariusz Plucinski (1):
      Do not crash on unknown source language (#13323)

Matt McCormick (1):
      ExternalProject: Fix ‘make’ builds with Ninja (#13159)

Minmin Gong (1):
      VS11: Add ARM architecture generator (#13077)

Modestas Vainius (3):
      Fix CPack RPM man page typo detected by lintian.
      Support building shared libraries or modules without soname (#13155)
      Fix a few typos in NO_SONAME property description.

Nicolas Despres (2):
      Ninja: Add a convenient ‘clean’ target.
      Ninja: Add a convenient ‘help’ target.

Patrick Gansterer (1):

Peter Collingbourne (2):
      Ninja: apply CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_<TYPE> to executable targets (#13069)
      Ninja: mark rules/build file streams failed if error occurred (#13067, #13105)

Peter Kuemmel (61):
      Ninja: ensure output directories exist
      Ninja: no 16:9 screens for the cmake team 😉
      Ninja: add option to enable ninja where it is not enabled by default
      Ninja: remove GCC -Wshadow warning
      Ninja: enable Ninja for CodeBlocks
      Ninja: no additional variable needed to enable ninja
      Ninja: CMAKE_USE_NINJA is the name of the macro
      VC Express doesn’t support folders, ignore USE_FOLDER property
      Ninja: add response file support on Windows
      Ninja: 30000 is too long for windows cmd
      Ninja: check for valid pointer
      Ninja: also create rspfile rules
      Ninja: don’t break because of empty commands
      Ninja: find mingw’s resource compiler
      Ninja: add dependency tracking for msvc with cldeps
      Ninja: add wrapper for cl to extract dependencies
      Ninja: allow spaces in source path
      Ninja: assume cmcldeps in the same dir as cmake
      Ninja: add copyright and description
      Ninja: don’t set cmcldeps vars to empty string when they are not defined
      Ninja: fix ModuleNoticies test
      Ninja: don’t use cmcldeps for try_compile
      Ninja: allow spaces in cldeps’s .d file
      Ninja: fix line length
      Ninja: don’t pollute the rules file with useless comments
      Ninja: use slahes in .d files
      Line Length: <79
      Millenium update: 79 * (16/9)/(4/3) = 105
      Ninja: complete MinGW support
      Ninja: use slashes for include dirs, so also slahes are in the .d files
      Ninja: ninja can’t read dep. pathes with parentheses
      Ninja: work with ninja/master, don’t compile rc files with cl
      Ninja: extract dependencies for .rc files with msvc tools
      Ninja: remove unused CommentStream
      Ninja: onyl use pre processor for rc file parsing
      Ninja: suppress startup logos
      Ninja: cmcldeps
      Ninja: don’t use shell when cmake is called directly
      Ninja: ninja now also could read parentheses in .d files
      Ninja: fix Linux build
      Ninja: sh needs something befor and after &&
      Ninja: build with old vc versions
      Ninja: remove nop line
      Ninja: undo all the NOSHELL patches
      Ninja: be more accurate when estimating the command line length
      Ninja: don’t pollute build dir with preprocessed rc files
      Ninja: Eclipse and KDevelop fixes for ninja
      Ninja: no /nologo option in old rc.exe
      Ninja: but cl supports /nologo …
      Ninja: try to make GetProcessId visible
      Ninja: build cmcldeps with mingw
      Ninja: don’t remove space between command and parameters
      Ninja: some bytes of the rc files couldn’t be piped correctly
      Ninja: build server fixes
      Ninja: build with old msvc versions
      Ninja: msvc6 for-scoping
      Ninja: maybe this fixes the bcc32 build
      remove warning about unused parameter
      Ninja: build server fixes
      Ninja: try work around for bcc32 bug
      Ninja: disable cldeps for bcc32, it’s too old, and ninja would also not build

Rolf Eike Beer (12):
      FindPkgConfig.cmake: fix documented output variable not set (#13125,#13132)
      UseJava: fix typo in variable name (#13135)
      Check{C,CXX}CompilerFlag: catch more Intel warning types (#12576)
      FindPythonLibs: honor EXACT version specification (#13216)
      UseJava: fix find_jar() called with multiple files (#13281)
      fix some typos
      do not explicitely specify /usr and /usr/local as search paths
      replace open coded versions of file(TO_CMAKE_PATH)
      FindDevIL: clean up documentation formatting
      FindQt4: extend documentation
      Qt4Macros: improve basename extraction in QT4_ADD_DBUS_INTERFACES
      Qt4Macros: add some quotes to prevent damage from spaces in the paths

Sean McBride (1):
      Remove unused ivars to eliminate compiler warnings

Sebastian Leske (1):
      Improve documentation of set command (#13269)

Stephen Kelly (10):
      Fix the number variable comparison when Qt is not found.
      Update the docs of IMPORTED_LOCATION_CONFIG to match the code.
      Move the EscapeJSON method to a sharable location.
      Add newline to the output.
      Make the CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS option work with Ninja.
      Escape the source file to be compiled if required.
      Exclude the CompileCommandOutput test on WIN32.
      Add platform variables for position independent code flags
      Add platform variable for flags specific to shared libraries
      Refactor generation of shared library flags

Tobias Bieniek (1):
      Qt4Macros: Added support for generated resource files

Zack Galbreath (1):
      FindPythonLibs: Document cache variables (#13240)

Zaheer Chothia (1):
      VS: Set Intel Fortran 13 project version

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