CMake 3.0.1 available for download

August 6, 2014

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.0.1 is now available for download.

The change log page for this bug-fix only release is here:
Please use the latest release from our download page 

Thanks for your support!


Changes in 3.0.1 since 3.0.0:

Adam Strzelecki (1):
      Ninja: Remove CMake includes from explicit depends (#14972)

Bob E (1):
      KWSys SystemInformation: No SA_RESTART on QNX

Brad King (10):
      cmake: Fix read-after-free while checking command-line arguments
      Fortran: Add support for GNU >= 4.9 compressed modules (#14975)
      bootstrap: Clarify name of configured source directory
      bootstrap: Fix "make test" and "make package" targets (#14989)
      UseSWIG: Fix check for noproxy flag (#14990)
      CMakeExpandImportedTargets: Do not read property on non-target (#15008)
      MSVC: Fix linking of DLLs on WinCE (#15013)
      Xcode: Fix static library creation for Xcode 6 (#15038)
      Check*CompilerFlag: Avoid ';' in common pattern (#15048)
      CMake 3.0.1

Chuck Atkins (1):
      cmcurl: Fix a build failure with the Cray compiler on Linux (#15026)

Mathieu MARACHE (1):
      FindQt4: Add nativewifi and qtga plugins

Stephen Kelly (1):
      QNX: Add missing flags for configurations and artifact creation.

Tim Blechmann (1):
      OS X: Install CFBundles as complete directories



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