CMake 3.24.3 is available for download

November 1, 2022

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.24.3 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes made since CMake 3.24.2:

Brad King (16):
  cmStringAlgorithms: Add functions to parse strings to long long integers
  file: Avoid strange istringstream crash in binaries on Alpine Linux
  Xcode: Drop CMAKE_INTDIR= definition in Swift targets
  Tests: Update RunCMake.XcodeProject iOS cases for Xcode 14.0
  gitlab-ci: update macOS jobs to use Xcode 14.0
  COMPILE_WARNING_AS_ERROR: Fix internal formatting of options table
  LLVMFlang: Add support for mixed-language linking with Fortran
  Help: Add versionadded for string(TIMESTAMP) %f specifier
  try_compile: Honor CMP0128 setting in test project
  Tests: Explicitly allow usage of git file-based protocol in test cases
  cm/filesystem: Fix crash with pre-C++11 std::string GNU ABI in C++17
  Tests: Avoid running C++11 test on GNU < 4.7
  VS: Fix crash finding vswhere on 32-bit Windows
  Ninja: Restore support for non-ascii paths on Windows with ninja<=1.10
  Tests: Add case for ninja with non-ascii chars
  CMake 3.24.3

Erlend E. Aasland (1):
  CPack/IFW: Add support for QtIFW 4.4

Kyle Edwards (1):
  CPack: Require no argument for --trace and --trace-expand

Marc Chevrier (1):
  Apple: Fix regression when linking a framework with postfix

Michael Hirsch (3):
  FindMatlab: Add MEX binary file suffix for Apple Silicon native Matlab
  FindMatlab: add R2022b 9.13 version map
  Intel/IntelLLVM: Fortran has distinct "-Werror"-like flag

Mika Fischer (1):
  CPack/NSIS: Fix installer not waiting for uninstaller to finish

Robert Maynard (1):
  CUDA: Add support for the two new architectures in 11.8

Sergiu Deitsch (2):
  Android: Avoid searching API level directories matching architecture bitness

Zack Galbreath (1):
  ctest: only report make-level errors when no others are found

مهدي شينون (Mehdi Chinoune) (2):
  LLVMFlang: Add support for Windows
  LLVMFlang: Add a required line to define linking rules on Windows

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