CMake 3.4.1 available for download

December 2, 2015

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.4.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.4.1 since 3.4.0:

Bill Hoffman (1):
Fix auto export symbols for Dlls containing /bigobj for 64bit builds.

Brad King (23):
Cray: Implement Fortran compiler version detection (#15845)
MSVC: Fix linking with /MANIFEST:NO option
Make C and C++ default dialect detection robust to advanced optimizations
FindGTest: Refactor test type checks to avoid cases triggering CMP0064
Android: Restore generation of non-versioned soname (#15851)
Project: Guess default standard dialect if compiler was forced (#15852)
Revert “Disable shared library support when compiler links statically”
Tests: Add case for add_subdirectory inside a function
Tests: Add case for unmatched cmake_policy({PUSH,POP})
Tests: Add case for package version file unmatched policy scope
cmState: Skip variable scope snapshots to avoid call stack duplicates
cmMakefile: Clarify purpose of method that pops a scope snapshot
cmMakefile: Remove unused PolicyPushPop interfaces
cmLocalGenerator: Use ScopePushPop RAII class to manage local variable scopes
cmState: Enforce policy scope balancing around variable scopes
cmLinkedTree: Rename ‘Extend’ method to ‘Push’
cmLinkedTree: Add Pop method
cmListFileCache: Implement cmListFileBacktrace ctor/dtor out-of-line
cmState: Avoid accumulating policy stack storage for short-lived scopes
cmState: Avoid accumulating snapshot storage for short-lived scopes
cmOrderDirectories: Factor out directory comparison
cmOrderDirectories: Reduce repeat realpath() calls
CMake 3.4.1

Kylie McClain (1):
Include `sys/types.h` header to get `mode_t`

Marek Vasut (1):
Add NIOS2 CPU support

Ty Smith (1):
cmELF: Avoid divide by zero if there are no dynamic section entries

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