Connor Hashemi, Ph.D.

Senior R&D Engineer

Computer Vision

Kitware Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
University of Minnesota

M.S. in Electrical Engineering
University of Minnesota

B.S. in Electrical Engineering
University of Minnesota

Connor Hashemi

Connor Hashemi is a Senior R&D Engineer working at KMW on Kitware’s Computer Vision Team. He is currently developing computational imaging techniques for event-based imaging on satellites.

Prior to working at Kitware, Connor interned as an applied scientist at Amazon, where he trained a self-supervised computer vision model to detect fabricated documents via anomaly detection. He also interned as a systems engineer at Black River Systems, where he conducted unsupervised classification of urban radio signals to identify areas of increased activity.

Throughout his Ph.D, his primary focus was on the DARPA-funded REVEAL project, where he developed methods and algorithms for passive non-line-of-sight imaging using scattered light. Within this project, he developed low-signal inverse imaging techniques that utilized multispectral information, thermal imaging, linear unmixing algorithms, convex optimization, physics-based modeling, and light fields.

Connor earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at University of Minnesota. He continued on as a Golden Gopher, earning his Masters and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering.